The Most Authentic Villages in Vietnam to Experience Local Life

Escaping the bustling pace of life in big cities, Vietnamese villages always make a high impression buy the simple and tranquil beauty. All of them seemingly bring us a real trip in the past time when there is no worry of a busy life. Instead, there are only picturesque nature and rural native people’s daily life, offering a feeling of stunning harmony anytime we visit those beautiful places. Let follow us to discover the most authentic villages in Vietnam to experience local life among wild nature.

1. Buoc Village 

Buoc Village has become a tourist attraction in the southwest Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province. It is said that the village was established in 18th century, where is the dwelling of Thai people – an ethnic groups of Vietnam. The thatched house of Thai people is featured by leaf-titled roof and wooden pillars. From the small roads lining along the houses, visitors can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and beautiful landscape of majestic mountains in Mai Chau. Not only famous for pristine scenery, the village is also paid attention by typical identity of Thai people with farming tradition, weaving traditional job of Thai women and long standing dancing of them.  

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2. Cai Lay Village

Located in Cai Be district, Tien Giang province, Cai Lay village is well-known as one of the most historical and natural significance of the southern Vietnam. Historical structures are well-preserved, which closely associated with the period of Vietnam War in 20th century. The village owns the breathtakingly wild beauty of the southern Vietnam with dense canals flowing through endless paddy fields and pretty houses of local people. Taking a visit in this place, tourists can enjoy eco tours to discover the wonderful things about famous orchard gardens and enjoy the fabulous tastes of tropical fruits here. 

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3. Cam Thanh Village 

Cam Thanh village is located in the heart of Hoi An, Quang Nam province. For a long time, coconut trees have become an indispensable icon of village. Nurtured by the alluvial of Thu Bon River, the coconut forests grow up and bring a wonderful landscape for the village. In the trip to Cam Thanh village, tourists can learn how to control the pretty basket boat through the canals of the vast coconut forests. Or you can enjoy a bicycle tour and discover daily life of local people. Roof-making from coconut leaves is traditional job of local people. They take advantages of coconut leaves - the available materials of their lands to make pretty houses for their residents.

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4. Cam Kim Village 

Situated in Quang Nam province, it just takes about 10 minutes to access the village by boat. For a long time, Cam Kim village has renowned as the center of cultural quintessence in Vietnam which is a hub of traditional handicrafts such as Kim Bong carpentry. All wooden objects for daily life and work can be found in this traditional village from the wooden pillars for making houses and the beautiful decorations to wooden boats for transportation of local people. If you would like to make a wooden masterpiece by yourself, you can offer the help of local people.

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5. Thuy Bieu Village 

Thuy Bieu is an ancient village amid the romantic Hue city. There are hundred-year-old houses, followed the design of the central land’s house. All of them are a perfect combination of brick wall, wooden furnishings and ceiling, 2 roof-titled layers that local people can easily protect themselves from the harsh conditions of their land. Along with unique houses, the village is famous for lush Thanh Tra grapefruit. In the blossom season, all Thanh Tra gardens are covered with the pure white of grapefruits’ flowers. In the hot time of the central land, this fruit begins in the harvesting season. Visitors can take a drop in the garden of local house and enjoy wonderful taste of this fruit.

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But it’s not all about Thuy Bieu Village. If you want to have a nice view of Hue, the village is an ideal place. From Vong Canh hill, you can join the picturesque beauty of Perfume River – a romantic river coming into many masterpieces of Vietnam literature. Or you can also view the pretty villages and peaceful fields in the heart of Hue from this spot.