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Experience Vietnamese Street Food with Sophie Baker

Vietnamese street food always leaves a deep mark in the mind of travelers from all over the world. Let's see the thought of Sophie Baker, a foreigner, after trying delectable street food in her culinary adventure.

Hanoi Street Foods Which You Can’t Help Tasting

You cannot say that you have visited Hanoi if you did not sit on a plastic stool and enjoy Hanoi street foods. That is because the soul of Hanoi is partly contained in the flavors of such dishes.

Top 6 Best Street Foods in Vietnam

Vietnam is considered as one of a paradise of street foods in Southeast Asia. Almost of main material of those fabulous dishes deprives from Vietnamese rice, which creates a unique feature for them. Let follow us to disc ...

Top 9 Must-try Hoi An Street Foods

The super delicious cuisine of Hoi An is hard to resist, especially if you are a foreigner. This time, we will show you the most unforgettable street foods that you must-try while traveling to Vietnam. They may be cheap, ...

Top 5 Unique Vietnamese Foods You Should Try (Part 2)

In our first Top 5 Unique Vietnamese Foods You Should Try, we have mentioned several outstanding dishes of Vietnam. Now, continue as we move to the Central and South to find out our next five most desired foods in the re ...

Top 5 Unique Vietnamese Foods You Should Try (Part 1)

It is not an exaggeration to say that Vietnam is a food paradise with hundred of unique and delicious dishes around the country. If you are food lovers, then this beautiful country a must-visit place in the world. Here, ...

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