Best Time To Visit Southern Vietnam

Blessed with the warm and comfortable weather, together with extraordinarily beautiful nature, Southern Vietnam has been chosen by many tourists as the destination for their trip to Vietnam. Should you planning a trip to this region, this article is just right for you.

1. Dalat – City of Flowers and Romantic Things

Cherry Lane in Spring

If you are on the search for a romantic destination as well as an escape from the heat of a tropical country, then Dalat, with its alluring lakes, pine forests, spectacular mountains and especially the charming Love Valley, would definitely satisfy all your criteria. Dalat has a cool, refreshing and mild weather all the year round, during both the dry season and rainy season. However, of the two seasons, the dry one (from November to April) is more auspicious for outdoor activities since the day is sunny and the night is cool, and there is very little or even no rain at all. For those who want to experience vibrant and romantic feelings, visiting Dalat during the time from December to March would reward you the most because flowers blossom everywhere during these months. Not many travel agents would advise you to travel to Dalat in the rainy season (from May to October) because rain falls much more frequently during these months, not to mention that the temperature at night drop lower than in the dry season.

2. Ho Chi Minh – The Bustling City

A Corner of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, which used to be widely known under the name of Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. Built up by the French colonialists, the city was once artistically called “the Pearl of the Orient” with various features of Western architecture along with many elegant gardens and churches. The Gods have blessed Ho Chi Minh City with mild weather all year round, yet you should take the fact that it has two distinct seasons into consideration when planning a trip to this beautiful city. Lasting from December to April, the dry season is regarded as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City with relatively high temperature (up to 39oC) but low level of humidity, so it’s still very comfortable. It is highly recommended that you visit in late December to experience the atmosphere of the Christmas and New Year in Ho Chi Minh City. The Lunar New Year or Tet (falling in early February) is also a good occasion for experiencing the spirit of the city during these special days. The rainy season (from May to November) often has higher humidity and more rain, obviously.  Still, it is not really a bad time to come to Ho Chi Minh City because the rains do not last all day, often quick showers, and there are still sunny hours for your excursions.

3. Nha Trang – Modern City with Many Beautiful Natural Beaches

Nha Trang Beach is Amongst the Best Beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang, whose beach is categorized in world-class by many international travel journals and magazines, is amongst the most popular destination for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts all over the world. Apart from the rainy season (from September to December), the remaining months of the year are all good to visit Nha Trang. Still, the best time for your trip to Nha Trang much depends on the way you want to enjoy your vacation there.Diving lovers should come to Nha Trang in the time from February to April because the water is clear at this time and you can explore many stunning coral reefs, such as Small Hill and South Reef, not very far off the coast. The temperature and humidity rise up during the months of June and August, yet it does not have much negative impact on your holiday if you really don’t mind the heat. Actually, this time of the year is ideal for ecotourism and water sports.

4. Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) – The Paradise of Sunshine

Mui Ne Beach

Located in Phan Thiet, the driest coastal city in Vietnam, Mui Ne is amongst the most gorgeous beaches in the world with many high-ranked hotels and resorts along the beach. Mui Ne has a dry weather all year round. Even in the so-called rainy season, the precipitation is exceptionally low in comparison to neighboring areas. For this reason, tourists can visit Mui Ne any time during the year. Still, according to travel experts, the best time for your vacation in Mui Ne would be from August to April. For surfing lovers, the months from August to November grant ideal conditions for this sport because the sea usually has big waves at that time. If you wish to spend your vacation on Mui Ne Beach when it is of utmost stunning beauty, then go there from December to April. You will definitely have a memorable vacation with silvery sand, clear water, and azure sky. Besides, there no need to be worried when visiting Mui Ne in the rainy season because rain rarely fall downs and most of the time is small rain. 

5. Mekong Delta – Authentic Experiences 

FloatingMarket on Mekong River

Located in the Southwest of Vietnam, Mekong River Delta, also known as Nine Dragons River Delta is not only the main rice basket, but also an emerging tourist destination of Vietnam with its beautiful nature and rich culture. The weather in Mekong River Delta is relatively stable and suitable for exploring trips at any time during the year. Nonetheless, the best time for visiting is from September to November because these are the months of floating season in the delta. During this season, tourists can enjoy unforgettable and exciting experiences such as fishing on traditional boats with the locals and ‘shopping’ on the float markets where you can buy various indigenous goods and even taste some local cuisines. Besides, a visit to Mekong River Delta in the time between December and April is not a bad idea at all. These months have a low level of precipitation, creating good opportunities for fantastic outdoor activities riding bikes along village roads or visiting tropical fruit orchards in harvest season. It is not highly recommended, but you can still visit Mekong River Delta during the rainy season from May to August because the rains are usually short and do not lay much impact upon your trip.

6. Phu Quoc Island – The Perfect Choice for Honeymooners

Phu Quoc Island - One of the Best Islands in Vietnam

Phu Quoc, the largest tropical island of Vietnam, is the paradise for tourists who are seeking for a relaxing vacation amidst beautiful pristine beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, and dense forests. Due to the fact that Phu Quoc is a tropical island, the weather there changes throughout the year. From November to March, the weather is cool and pleasant with sunny days, clear sky, low level of humidity and temperature ranging from 25 to 28 Celsius degrees, which are the best conditions for exploring trips and vacations. Fishing squids on a boat at night, diving around coral reefs and visiting Phu Quoc National Park are just some fascinating activities that you can do during these months. It is okay to visit Phu Quoc in the time from April to June, but you should prepare to cope with high heat as the temperature can go up to 32 Celsius degrees. The months from July to October, when monsoon prevails, is not recommended for visiting Phu Quoc because of the rainy and wet weather.

7. Con Dao Island – The Right Place for Sea Lovers

Morning in Con Dao Island

Much similar to Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island is a promising spot for divers, explorers and honeymooners thanks to its silvery beaches and a mysterious underwater world. The weather in Con Dao is mainly divided into dry season and rainy season. The dry season last from October to June, in which the driest time is from November to February when northeast wind prevails and waves are high. Exploring the sea during this time may not be a good idea, but you can still have a walk or ride bike around the island to contemplate its charming natural beauty. The sea is most gentle during the months from March to June, which is the best time to visit Con Dao. The weather is very auspicious for such activities as swimming, kayaking and diving or just lying on the beach to enjoy the soothing sunshine and cool breezes. Heavy rain is expected to pour down during the time from July to September, which is not very favorable for vacations and exploration on the island. 

In summary, the Southern Vietnam welcomes tourists all the year round. Generally, it is a good idea to travel there during the dry season, yet even short rainfall and humidity of the rainy season do not have much negative effect on your trip.

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