Boutique Cam Thanh Resort, A Paradise Amidst Bay Mau Coconut Forest, To Launch Its Soft Opening

In this August, right amidst Bay Mau coconut forest – one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Hoi An, Boutique Cam Thanh Resort, which is inspired by the model of Vietnamese villages, will welcome their very first guests. Comprised of 40 rooms and villas, the design of this resort is a simulation of Vietnamese traditional housing architecture with such features as red tiles, bamboo rafters, and roofs made of coconut leaves. The villas are allocated in three different sections, each of which has their own swimming pool. No matter which room do the guests choose, they will be offered with an unobstructed view over the azure water of the swimming pools. Entering the villa with a gentle push upon the gate, the guests would feel like they are coming back to their beloved home where a lush garden full of beautiful flowers is longing for their return. 

Boutique Cam Thanh Resort
An overview of Boutique Cam Thanh Resort

In spite of the fact that every room in Boutique Cam Thanh Resort bears the spirit of Vietnamese traditional architecture, they are fully equipped with modern amenities and comforts, responding to the demands of tourists from all corners of the world. Lying amidst the green field of Bay Mau coconut forest, the resort complex offers extraordinary spaces for the guests to relax and entertain. The most worth mentioning places include Café Ngon, a paradise for coffee lovers located right at the guest hall, and Non Bar – an ideal place for chilling out moments with its beautiful music, cool tropical cocktails, and lip-smacking snacks. Speaking of foods, we have to mention Lua Restaurant, a place where the exquisiteness of cookery is demonstrated. With the capacity of 300 guests, this restaurant offers an appetizing menu of various Quang Nam and Hoi An dishes bearing the soul of Vietnamese traditional cuisines in combination with the elegance of Western culinary. If tourists are really interested in the local cuisine, they can join a Hoi An cooking class to bring home some exotic recipes. Besides, Dua Spa, hidden in a verdant tropical forest, is the right place for those who not only want to enjoy relaxation with massage, health care and beauty care sessions, but also desire to come close to the nature to experience a tranquil and peaceful time. In addition, the resort also has an exhibition public area which displays the historical remnants and pictures of Cam Thanh Bay Mau forest.

Latern is a famous souvenir in Hoi An

Boutique Cam Thanh Resort is a place where tourists can participate in amazing cultural activities. There are 10 Bungalows designed as souvenir shops where many traditional handicraft products of Quang Nam and Hoi An, such as silk, lanterns, ceramics, embroidery and wood sculptures, can be found.  If the guests wish to have a deeper insight into the lives of local farmers, they can look to the vegetable garden of Boutique Cam Thanh Resort where they can participate in such activities as picking worms, weeding, clearing land or harvesting vegetables. Or if the guest desire to explore the Bay Mau coconut forest, our coracle team is always ready to serve. In each trip, a coracle can only carry two to three guests and a rower. During the time meandering around, the guests can drop their fishing rods, enjoy performances of local fishermen or sit on their coracle to watch the rower making rings, necklaces, roses or hats from coconut leaves which can be regarded as souvenirs of this visit. 

Explore Bay Mau coconut forest on coracles

The Resort is only 3 kilometers away from An Bang Beach, so tourists can enjoy shimmering sunlight and walk on the silvery beach at any time with the resort's shutter bus service. Also, their buses are always ready to serve guests who want to visit famous tourist attractions in Hoian such as Hoian ancient town, Tra Que organic village and Thanh Ha pottery village, to mention just a few. Otherwise, if tourists want to do some exercise on bicycles, they can take Tra Que organic village cycling tour

An Bang Beach is only 3 kilometers from Boutique Cam Thanh Resort

“This coconut forest used to be a historical site and now it has been developed into a tourism destination for exploring local culture. I believe that a visit to this forest can help the tourist temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of the modern society to enjoy relaxed moments” said Theo Th.H Schuurhuis, the General Manager of Boutique Cam Thanh Resort. “We are very pleased to build a place that bears a striking resemblance to your darling home with its pristine and eco-friendly design in combination with the installation of 4-star facilities, offering relaxation and a unique escape from the busy daily life.” 

During the soft opening, Boutique Cam Thanh Resort will be offering many sales promotions and deals such as discounting 30% of the room charge or staying 3 nights but just have to pay for 2 nights, and many other appealing promotions. The promotion program will last from 15 August to 31 December in 2017.

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