Central Vietnam Travel

Stretching along the golden coastline of the country, central Vietnam boasts a wealth of beautiful attractions and historical sites that easily allure any visitor. The region is home to the antique capital city in Hue, the famous ancient town of Hoi An, the largest cave on earth – Son Doong and a lot of breathtaking spectacles throughout its length.

1. Quang Binh

Endowed with spectacular landscape of mountains, primitive forest and rivers, Quang Binh seems to house the most incredible cave systems of the country including the recently-discovered Son Doong – the largest caves in the world.

2. Hoi An

Located at the heart of Central Vietnam, Hoi An is famous for its riverside ancient houses, impeccable culinary culture and the friendliness of local people. Indeed, paying a visit to this dainty town helps you not only contemplate a harmonious combination of architectural characteristics but also learn more about a peaceful lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

3. Hue

Hue was the capital of Vietnam for over 140 years under the rule of Nguyen Dynasty's Emperors. In spite of being suffered from the longest and most intense battles in American War, most of miraculous ancient structures in the city survive and stand still until today. Beyond famous attractions like the Imperial City, Emperors' tombs, Thien Mu pagoda and the dreamy Perfume River, Hue is also a homeland of many traditional performances and shows that you should not skip during your visit in this tranquil land.