The Best Floating Markets in Mekong Delta to Visit

The Mekong Delta River is a special South-western region of Vietnam, famous for not only diverse ecosystem but also rich local culture. As a result, traveling on a boat through the rivers and canals in Mekong Delta region is the best way to enjoy the picturesque scenes of rice fields, villages and fruit orchard. This time, we will share with you 5 best floating markets in Mekong Delta to visit during your travel to Vietnam.

1. Cai Rang

As one of the largest floating markets, this destination receives a huge number of tourists each year. Arriving in Cai Rang, it is easy to notice the busy trading scene in the markets on hundred of boats. You can contemplate the unique culture of the local region while relaxing and taking pictures on a wooden boat. 

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta Mango Boat

The products in Cai Rang vary, but fruit and other agricultural goods are the main ones. You will see long poles and ties the samples of the goods such mango, watermelon, pineapple, and banana on the top. By this way, you will know what kind of product being sold on the boat.    

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 1Transporting Flowers

However, the best time to visit Cai Rang is about 7-8 AM when the trading is the busiest in the day. Lucky for you, if you want to have breakfast, there are many boats selling foods and drinks in the market. Pho, Hu Tieu, and even Vietnamese coffee are available for you on the way, thus take your time and savor every moment in this destination.

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2. Cai Be

Another place where you can also learn about the one-of-a-kind culture of Mekong Delta River is Cai Be floating market. Located in Tieng Giang province, Cai Be opens from dawn till dusk so tourists are free to choose their time to visit. Nonetheless, each period of the day will be different from the other.

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 3A Charming Flower Boat

In the morning, Visitors should wake up early since the trading in the market begins at 3 AM until about 9 AM. There are various products sold in Cai Be from textiles, household appliances to seafood, domestic fowls. Obviously, this floating market also offers a wide range of fruit from Tieng Giang province like coconut, rambutan or durian. Hundreds of boats with bamboo poles called “cay beo” along with stilt houses and trees on the bank of the river will create a fantastic scene for photographers.

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta  4Bamboo Poles with Samples

In the evening, around 4 PM, you can also set out to contemplate another beauty of Cai Be. Now, it is not time to experience the bustling market, but rather watch the sun kissing the horizon. Local boats will start lighting up the lanterns making the whole market dreamy than ever before. 

3. Tra On

Tra On is also a very special floating market in the list since the higher level the water is, the more boats gather. Therefore, depends on the river, tourists may choose to visit Tra On, not necessary in the morning. The market situated at the junction of Hau River and Mang Thit Rivet result in a trading center of this region. 

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 6Trying Delicious Pineapple

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 7Trading Local Fruits

Like other floating markets, tropical fruits such as orange, durian and other agricultural goods can easily be found. It is possible to spot colorful boats with flowers and plants in Tra On as well. For food lovers, you should try “ca chay” – or burned fish – which can be combined with many recipes.

4. Phung Hiep

About 30 km from Can Tho city, Phung Hiep or Nga Bay is an extremely famous floating market in the region. Phung Hiep has a special location which is the crossroad of many rivers. As such, hundreds of boat sail to this market every day bringing various products such as handicrafts, household appliances. The color and smell of the fruit mix together to create the allure of Phung Hiep Market.

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 8Various Products on a Boat

Not only that, you can also see animals of this region up-close from many boats selling snakes, turtles or birds and small junks offer delectable local cuisine and beverages to serve traveler along the river. Nothing is better than a warm bowl of Pho, one of the best Vietnamese foods, in the morning while contemplating the busy trading scene.

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 9Buying Breakfast

5. Long Xuyen

Although not as popular like other floating markets, Long Xuyen still has the ancient and wild beauty of the Mekong Delta region. The peaceful scenery will let tourist immersing in the local communities. Because there are not a lot of visitors, it is a good opportunity to experience the local people’ lives and find out the original features in the South-western market.

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 10Colors of the Local

Vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, greens, pumpkin, taro, sweet potato and specialty fruits are transported directly from the fields and gardens to Long Xuyen. It is recommended to do shopping here, if you are interested, as sellers will not demand high prices nor allow any bargain. 

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta 11Checking the Quality of Watermelon