How to Get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport

The first thing tourist concern when landing in Noi Bai Airport is how to arrive in their hotels, most of which are located in Hanoi Old Quarter. After reading this post, you will certainly know all the means of transportation available in Hanoi airport.

1.    Bus

One good thing about transportation at Noi Bai Airport is that you can choose what is suitable for you the most. Bus is usually the cheapest way to travel in Vietnam, but there are still many types of buses with different services. 

The first type is shuttle bus from private firms such as Vietjet airline shuttle bus. The cost is around 40.000 VND (2$) and will drop you in Hanoi Old Quarter (but not at your hotel). You can get off the bus if your hotel is on the way. 

How to get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport 3Minibus in Noi Bai Airport

If you want the cheapest method, you can also take public bus number 17 which will transfer you from Noi Bai Airport to Long Bien Station. From there, you can rent a taxi to reach your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. The cost is just about 9000 VND per person (0.5 $) but you will have to pay extra if you want them to bring your luggage.

How to get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport 2Bus Number 17

The last type of bus is the new public bus number 86 design to offer the best quality of bus in Vietnam. Started operating since 2016, this mean of transportation is considered to be very comfortable. The price is 30000 VND (1.5 $) and the bus stops at many locations in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

How to get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport 1The Newest Bus 86

2.    Taxi

If you are not budget travelers and just want to enjoy your trip, then taxi is also a very good choice. Like buses, there are many taxi providers around Noi Bai Airport for you to choose.

How to get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi AirportTaxi Available at the Airport

The cheapest method is to take an Uber or Grab taxi in Noi Bai Airport. Uber offers a wide variety of cars and services including low cost and premium ones. The estimated cost is about 265.000 VND (12$) for the cheapest car if you stay in Hanoi Old Quarter. However, the downside is that you have to book in advance since not many Uber taxis operate around Noi Bai airport.

Otherwise, common taxi providers are available all around the airport which you can simply pick one and enjoy the ride. The price is quite high at approximately 300.000 VND (14$), but it is the most simple way out of all. 

3.    Tour services

The most comfortable way when you travel to Vietnam is by booking a tour from one of the operators in the country. The company will offer you a tour guide to welcome you at the airport and a private car. They will also transfer you directly to the hotel and take care of all the meals planned in the literary. Finally, you do not have to worry about the unfortunate scam on the way.

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