Hanoi Travel Guide

We would love to share you our stories, our traveling experiences in Hanoi. We hope that it will be your useful Hanoi travel guide during your trip in 2022.

Dong Xuan Market – One of the Most Prosperous Trading Places in Vietnam

Located in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, Dong Xuan market is considered as one of the most ancient market in Vietnam, which has become an important trading place throughout 2 centuries.

Vietnam Ethnology Museum - The Typical Symbol of Vietnamese Multiculture

Vietnam Ethnology Museum is evaluated as one of the most unique museum in Asian area by Tripadvisor – a reliable tourism web in the world.

2-Storey Bus in Hanoi - A Brand New Experience for Hanoi City Tour

In recent time, 2-storey bus have gone into operation in Hanoi, certainly brings a new experience for you to enjoy a wonderful trip in the beautiful capital of Vietnam.

hanoi street food

Hanoi Street Foods Which You Can’t Help Tasting

You cannot say that you have visited Hanoi if you did not sit on a plastic stool and enjoy Hanoi street foods. That is because the soul of Hanoi is partly contained in the flavors of such dishes.

Things To Do in Hanoi in 2 Days

With the fact that many tourists coming to Hanoi don’t know where to go and how to spend their time there, we hereby would like to suggest some places that you should not ignore when visiting Hanoi.

Bat Trang Pottery Village - Ancient Pottery Centre in Vietnam

One particularly unique destination which will amaze all the visitors is Bat Trang Pottery Village. Located just about 10 km from the bustling city, foreigners usually come to Bat Trang to witness the special pottery mak ...

How to Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the main attractions in the country and only about 165 km to the northwest of Hanoi. Even though the way to Halong is easy to travel, first-timer can be somewhat overwhelmed by the number of choices. ...

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Hanoi

Each year, a great number of tourists pour in Hanoi to explore the center of culture and history in Vietnam. It is also no surprise that many famous symbols of the country located in the capital . In this post, we will s ...

How to Travel from Hanoi to Sapa

Sapa is a fantastic destination to visit with beautiful nature and magnificent view. However, when the starting point is the capital, you may confuse about how to travel from Hanoi to Sapa. If that is the case, feel free ...

Hanoi Old Quarter – The Eternal Symbol of Vietnam Capital

Hanoi Old Quarter is the heart of commerce in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. However, evidences dated back centuries ago still remain in these ancient streets. While perhaps a little bit out of place in the bustling and ...

How to Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau

Visiting Mai Chau will be a wonderful experience for your travel to Vietnam. The stunning scenes in this mountainous area will certainly tough the heart of visitors. Here, you can consider one of the choices of how to tr ...

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Hanoi

The capital always has a special place in the heart of the visitors on their travel to Vietnam. You will love Hanoi not only because of the friendly local, the unique cuisine but also the interesting culture and history. ...