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Top 8 Best Hotels & Resorts in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of tourist paradise in Vietnam. This destination is famous for not only wonderful beach holidays but also top luxurious hotels. Let follow us to discover top 8 best hotels and resorts in Nha Trang.

1. Mia Resort Nha Trang

Mia Resort Nha Trang is one of the top choices for visitors’ Nha Trang trip, which only situated steps from the beautiful beach in the city. On every Sunday mornings, everyone can participate in free yoga classes on the sublime seaside near the hotel. With sea-facing buildings and crystal glass doors, the hotel really makes the high impression with visitors by a stunning panorama of the endless sea.

mia resort nha trang

2. Intercontinental Nha Trang

The hotel belongs to the luxurious hotel chain of Intercontinental, designed with modern furnishings and comfortable services. The hotel is painted mainly with earth tone walls, balconies, minibars, marble bathroom and many other convenient services for visitors. The hotel supplies a varied menu of local seafood in everyday meals, night parties and even, romantic meal under shimmering lights of candles. There are 3 beautiful outdoor pools that tourists can enjoy the refreshment of turquoise water and lush tropical trees around.

intercontinental nha trang

3. Vinpearl Nha Trang Bay Resort and Villa

The hotel supplies all-inclusive necessary services for visitors, from lavish room to modern facilities of gyms. The lush garden is an ideal stop for relaxation. You can taste fabulous foods and enjoy infinity pool overlooking the beautiful beach in front of the hotel. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, which is willing to support you at any time.

vinpearl nha trang bay resort and villa

4. Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang

Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang becomes a wonderful hideaway for visitors after the busy pace of modern life. The villas bear the huge influence of Vietnamese culture with classic wooden furniture. The special things are that the resort has an overwater spa and its own beaches, which creates a private space for visitors to the hotel. If you have interested in Vietnamese traditional foods or international specialties, you can take a visit in the chain of gentle restaurants in the hotel.

vinpearl luxury nha trang

5. Amiana Resort and Villa

Situated in a relatively uninhabited cove of Nha Trang seaside, the resort owns a sublime overview of Nha Trang beaches. The architecture is made of brown-painted woods, which evoke to an ancient space of Vietnamese houses in the past time and the modern decoration of its furniture. For healthy treatment, the resort offers the best quality services of massages and mud-bathing that visitors can enjoy their holidays in the most convenient way. The hotel’s staffs is so supportive and friendly, which give the most useful advice about current exchange services and other special support.

amiana resort and villa

6. Hotel Novotel Nha Trang

The hotel is one of best choices for visitors to contemplate the stunning beauty of Nha Trang beach. All rooms and suites are designed with neutral colors that optimize the natural light from outside. In the restaurants, you not only have the opportunity for taste international buffets but also view a romantic seaside in Nha Trang. The hotel also serves wonderful desserts, cocktails and tropical beverages.

hotel novotel nha trang

7. Rosaka Nha Trang Hotel

The hotel becomes a priority for the accommodation of visitors during Nha Trang trip. Its rooms and suites have modern designs combining comfortable facilities of spa rooms, saunas, and gyms. Not only famous for health treatment services, the hotel has also an infinity pool on the rooftop floor of the hotel that you can have a breathtaking view of the endless sea far away.

rosaka nha trang hotel

8. Diamond Bay Hotel

The hotel attracts tourists by the elegant and luxurious beauty. All rooms, bars, or restaurants are decorated by mainly white tone, which creates the upscale space for the hotel. Each room has crystal glass doors that visitors can overlook the wonderful landscapes of Nha Trang sea. The hotel is a complex of karaoke rooms, sport center, conference rooms, and retail stores, which offers the most comfortable feeling for visitors.

diamond bay hotel

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