Hotels, Homestays & Ecolodges in Mai Chau

Top 7 Best Hotels, Homestays & Ecolodges in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is one of the best tourist attractions in the northern Vietnam because of its pristine beauty of a wild nature area. Taking a visit to the destination, tourist will have wonderful accommodation overlooking the sublime landscapes of nature. Let follow us to discover 7 best hotels, homestays and ecolodges in Mai Chau.

1. Mai Chau Nature Place

Mai Chau Nature Place is a wonderful accommodation for visitors to enjoy the best tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of Mai Chau. All parts of the hotel are a complex of beautiful bungalows and luxurious furnishings. There are small huts, which make use of sublime landscapes of rice fields and mountains. Besides, it is an ideal place for reading books and enjoying fabulous breakfast in those huts.

Mai Chau Nature Place

2. Mai Chau Valley View

Mai Chau Valley View is highly evaluated by the simple design. The furnishings are made of wood combining with crystal glass door that you can watch the sunrise every day. In each room, there is a pretty balcony with a set of a table and chairs in order to enjoy hot tea in the morning. In the restaurant, all settings are depicted as similarly as a Vietnamese house with farming tools, bamboo walls, and commodities hanging on the ceiling. From the hotel, it just takes a few minutes to travel to local people’s village.

Mai Chau Valley View

3. Mai Chau Ecolodge

Mai Chau Ecolodge likes an oasis among wild nature. The accommodation follows the model of cottages with leaf-titled roofs, stone-paved walls, and bamboo bed. In the ecolodge, tourists can enjoy many comfortable services such as spa, bar or culinary restaurants. In particular, there is a beautiful pool in this place that you can not only participate in your favorite sport but also view the irresistible beauty of wild nature in Mai Chau.

Mai Chau Ecolodge

4. Linh Soi homestay

Linh Soi homestay is an ideal resting place for your Mai Chau trip. The hotel likes a complex of thatched bungalows, which brings the unique features of Thai people’s house. Each house can be the accommodation for about 8 to 10 people instead of separated rooms in the ordinary hotels. From the windows of homestay, visitors can enjoy the sublime beauty of the mountainous area in the Northern Vietnam with endless paddy fields and breathtaking mountains.

Linh Soi Homestay

5. Mai Chau Hostel Lounge Bar Restaurant

Having a night at Mai Chau Hostel Lounge Bar Restaurant, tourists can feel a luxurious tree house with the lavish design. Although the homestay follows the model of ethnic people’s house, it still exposes to the modern beauty of upscale wooden floors and white colors of mattress and curtains. On the ground floor, there is a pretty bar where serves up wines and tropical beverages. In particular, bicycle service is also supplied for tourists in the homestay with reasonable price.

Mai Chau Hostel Lounge Bar Restaurant

6. Mai Chau Sunset Boutique Hotel

The hotel is a perfect combination between traditional and contemporary design. The white-painted walls are extremely harmonious with bamboo furnishings. There is also a big crystal glass door in the room that visitors can have a nice view of the paddy fields and majestic mountains. Besides, the hotel also offers a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere with a pretty tropical balcony on the first floor. It is a wonderful place for sunbathing and enjoying the fabulous tea in the morning.

Mai Chau Sunset Boutique Hotel

7. Mai Chau Villa

Mai Chau villa is perhaps one of the most luxurious accommodations for a wonderful resting place in Mai Chau. The villa is made out of thatched houses, pretty gardens, nice sundecks and an outdoor pool. There are comfortable and elegant rooms overlooking the sublime rice fields, sugarcane and corns in Mai Chau. All parts of the villa are covered with lush trees, which is similar to a tropical garden inside this place. From the villa, visitors can hire bicycle service to go shopping and access the villages of ethnic people in Mai Chau.

Mai Chau Villa

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