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Phu Quy Island – The Sublime Beauty of Vietnamese Island

Phu Quy Island is one of the most beautiful destinations for Vietnam beach vacations in your leisure time. The island owns an unspoiled beauty of nature without the huge intervention of the Vietnam tourism industry. Let’s follow us to discover the special thing in this sublime island!

Located in Binh Thuan – a coastal province in the Central Land in Vietnam, Phu Quy Island is one of the best islands in Vietnam. The local people called the Island with many different names such as Thu Island or Khoai Xu Island. Due to a small area (about 16.5km2), Phu Quy Island still attracts visitors at the first visit by the enchanting beauty.

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The local people said that Phu Quy Island used to be an uninhabited island hundreds of years ago. In the period of the Champa kingdom, a beautiful princess was arrested on the island due to lack of respect to her father. In the harsh conditions of the island, the princess’s servants along with her cultivate this wild that human beings can farm for their lives. Phu Quy Island is a well-known destination for the pristine beach, the small Buddhist structures, and historical places that evoke the feeling of discovery for tourists.

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Trieu Duong Gulf

Trieu Duong Gulf is always one of the most attractive places for local people and tourist in Phu Quy Island. With about 2km in length, it charms everyone by a white sand beach, excellent blue water, and lush forest lining along the beach. The most suitable time for a visit to Trieu Duong Gulf is in the late afternoon. The weather is so comfortable that visitors can enjoy the beauty of sunset in this place and the greatness of the ocean, immerse into the peaceful scenery with the funny sound of sea waves.

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Bai Nho – Ganh Hang

Located at the foot of a hill on Phu Quy Island, Bai Nho-Ganh Hang offers a taste of tranquility for visitors. Bai Nho is a crescent-shaped beach surrounded by strange grey cliffs. Despite its small sandy beach, it is an ideal destination for a laid-back. There is no busy atmosphere of fishing boats after a long voyage. Instead, there is only a wonderful fusion between the serene landscape of a pristine island and our souls. Ganh Hang has ancient damps for protecting Phu Quy Island’s land from fierce waves’ destruction. Nowadays, some damps are made use of fish breeding.

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bai nho - ganh hang

Van Thanh An

Situated on a white sand beach, Van Thanh An like a marine museum about whales and sea turtles with nearly 100 sample of their fossils.

van thanh an

Along with those amazing places in Phu Quy Island, visitors can stroll on streets along the seaside. In particular, everyone can enjoy the romantic beauty of the sunset with perfect golden light at the end of the day. It is also the wonderful time that the sea surface is brightened up by fishing ships of local people.

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Cao Cat Mountain is considered as a holy mountain, located on the North of Phu Quy Island. From this site, visitors have a sublime panorama about the island.

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Besides, visitors can drop by Cam Mountain, the highest point of Phu Quí Island with 108m in altitude. There is an ancient lighthouse for guiding direction for ships and boats in the evening. The place has the enormous windmill to supply electricity for local people on the island.

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Seafood is an indispensable part when you visit this destination. There are homestay services of local people accompanied with those fabulous seafood meals or you can cook those meals by yourself with the guidance of hosts.

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The most suitable time for visiting the charming island is from December to June. At that time, the sea surface is more peaceful and crystal than other months in one year.

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