places for shopping in ho chi minh

Best Places for Shopping in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a more young, active and bustling city than the ancient capital Hanoi. If you love to go shopping, then Saigon is one of the best choices in the country. However, to save your time, we will share best places for shopping in Ho Chi Minh.

1. Ben Thanh Market

It is a pity if you arrive in Saigon, but do not visit the local Ben Thanh Market. This is not only a trading location but also a right place to see various Vietnamese products.

ben thanh market

There literary all kind of goods in Vietnam you can find here such as clothes, toys, souvenirs, accessories and so much more. When you pass by the dried coffee stores, its smell will certainly hard to resist. Moreover, tourists can find a wide variety of street foods around the market. Noodle, rice pancakes, water fern cake and many other authentic dishes are available for you to choose. Remember that you can make a bargain in Ben Thanh Market, although food prices are fixed.

ben thanh market 1

Local people love shopping at this location, so this is a great opportunity to contemplate their activities and life. The architecture from the French Colonial time is also noteworthy to see and discover.

2. Nguyen Tri Phuong Market

Besides Ben Thanh Market, Nguyen Tri Phuong is considered to be a little less touristy one among local markets. A huge number of products is presented here just like Ben Thanh Market.

nguyen tri phuong market

Located in District 10, Nguyen Tri Phuong is far from the busy and bustling place in the center of the city. The market receives mostly local people, sometimes several groups of tourists. You may encounter dried products, jewelry, fruits and especially fresh seafood. Although not as diverse as Ben Thanh, it is possible to find delicious Vietnamese foods around to regain energy.

nguyen tri phuong market 1

3. Tan Dinh Market

Another market in District 1 is Tan Dinh Market and this location a little more special than the other two. All the products are probably the same, however, unless you do not love Vietnamese cuisine, Tan Dinh market is a food heaven.

tan dinh market

You cannot enjoy everything in Tan Dinh market since there are a good selection of dishes offered there. Visitors will explore the rich cuisine of Vietnam through foods like Crab soup cake, Fermented pork roll, Sweet soup, Pho, Hu Tieu. It promises to be an exciting trip for food lovers in Vietnam.

tan dinh market 1

Nonetheless, if you feel unsatisfied, we advise you to reach Tran Khac Chan street nearby. Your culinary tour continues with Vietnamese hot pot, spring rolls, Hue foods and so forth.

4. Saigon Square

After exploring these traditional market in Ho Chi Minh, it is time to visit the malls and the first one on the list is Saigon Square. Fashion, accessories, and jewelry are the main products with different size and prices.

saigon square

Coming to Saigon Square, you should expect to bargain for a better deal than the original price. One other factor you should know is that different shops offer different prices, thus try to walk around and ask other stores before making the final decision. Saigon Square is also a little bit better than Ben Thanh Market because there are air conditioning and about 10% lower price.

5. Aeon Mall

As an all-purpose destination, Aeon Mall is one of the most appealing shopping centers in the city. Opened since 2011, this mall has already been well-known for the young people of Ho Chi Minh.

aeon mall

Aiming to serve all consumers, Aeon Mall offers a wide range of retail stores and products in just one location. If you love Japanese goods, then this will be a perfect chance for you to find one. There are also other famous brands which present cheap to luxury products. On the top floor, tourists will be entertained with modern bowling and cinema after hours of shopping.

aeon mall 1

Otherwise, visitors also enjoy lots of cheap Japanese foods in the mall, though the quality is not the best, they are worth the money. Those who love to taste the delectable Vietnamese dishes will not be disappointed by dozens of restaurants in Aeon Mall.

6. Cresent Mall

Another shopping mall which was opened in 2011 is the splendid Cresent Mall with a unique design and luxurious products. Even though situated in District 7, this will be a great trip from the center of the city to one of most wonderful locations for shopping during your travel to Vietnam.

cresent mall

Cresent Mall meets all the international standards which can easily compare to shopping mall from Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Hundreds of high-quality fashion stores are available on six floors of the mall. Not only that, the state-of-the-art cinema, a Kidzone Nursery, and a new interactive entertainment, escape room, will bring great joy to visitors.

dong khoi street and tran phu street 1

You can also find a range of food stores and restaurants here, though not as varied as in the other one.

7. Dong Khoi Street and Tran Phu Street

The art of Vietnam always makes tourists from all over the world curious to explore. Dong Khoi Street and Tran Phu Street will be the great destinations to fulfill that desire.

dong khoi street and tran phu street

Dong Khoi Street is particularly famous for many galleries in the city featuring paintings from Vietnam War to the Vietnamese modern art. Many masterpieces can be bought at high price, but their copy is offered for budget travelers as well. Take your time and find the suitable one to bring home with you.

dong khoi street and tran phu street 1

While Dong Khoi Street is a little bit touristy, visitors may want to venture to Tran Phu Street instead. Without famous gallery, a lot of local stores sells cheap copies of Vietnamese paintings at a cheaper price than on Dong Khoi Street. The quality is decent for the money and you are able to make a bargain for the even cheaper price.

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