Pu Luong Trekking in 3 Days – Stay at Local Homestay & Pu Luong Retreat

  3 Days  | 

Hanoi - Pu Luong

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  • Experience and learn how to sail the excellent handcrafted rafts
  • Discover the bamboo water wheels, the main tool to transfer water of the old time
  • See the beauty of Pu Luong and relax between the nature of Vietnam
  • Find out the unique culture of Thai people, an ethnic group in the country, by stay at the local house and  visiting villages

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If you want to fully immerse into the beauty of nature and culture of local people in Pu Luong, this trekking trip will surely satisfy you. Stay at local homestay to enjoy the full experience of forested and mountainous areas of Vietnam and rest yourself at Pu Luong Retreat, a series of Vietnamese traditional bungalows in the middle of nature. 



Morning: Your journey begins at 8:00 AM from Hanoi. After 4 hours of driving through mountain pass, you will see the magnificent view of mountains, the vast forests, valleys and traditional villages. At noon, arrive in Pu Luong Retreat and enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine in lunch. Afterward, we will take you around to take a first glimpse of the breathtaking landscape of Pu Luong filled with the green of rice terraces and forests around.

Afternoon: You will be transferred by car to a special suspension bridge where you take to cross Cham River. Here, you will begin an exploration of one of a kind water transfer system in Pu Luong. You will see the remarkable bamboo water wheels in different sizes which move water directly from the river to handmade bamboo aqueducts.

After that discovery, it is time for a more exciting trip: sailing on Cham River on handcrafted rafts. Continued on a foot-path to local fisherman’s house, you will have a short rest and prepare for the rafting adventure with Mr. Dinh and his team. It is a total relaxation to stay on the raft flowing on the peaceful Cham River and hold the camera to capture the magnificent scene of mountains, forests, hills and rice fields on the way. 

In the end of the trip, we will disembark on wooden Tan Lap Bridge and transfer you to Kho Muong village, home of about 300 Thai people in Vietnam. Here, you will receive a warm welcome from the host of the local homestay and taste the local cuisine prepared by villagers. Rest for the night among the nature of Vietnam.

Summary: Walk through rice fields, water wheels: 2.5 km easy walk – 1.5 hours | rafting: 2 km – 1.5 hours

See a short video about Pu Luong Nature Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjjTAzFQhgU



After breakfast in local homestay, we will take you to one of the most amazing nature caves of Vietnam just after a short stroll. The cave looks like a castle made by sparkling stalactites and when the light of the sun shines through the cave, the “castle” seems to be brightened by thousands of stars. It is a good opportunity to capture this astonishing gift of nature.

When you have saved every moment of that everlasting scene, you will continue your trek through mountain ranges. However, please do not turn off your camera because there are still Uoi and Lan villages, 2 lovely homes of the Thai people, which lies at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by trees and rice terraces.

Here, we will regain our energy by having lunch in an open area to truly immerse in nature. It is always a great chance to both relax and thinking back to all the beautiful scenes you have seen. Then, feel free to explore the calm river nearby or visit the local village in the hills to learn the rich culture of Thai people. You can see the life of the villagers up-close and learn about their special method of making rice wine or textile weaving as they always welcome any curious guests. 

In the afternoon, we will transfer you back to Pu Luong Retreat to rest after a very tired yet exciting day.


- Strenuous: 16 km walking – 8 hours
- Moderate: 12 km walking – 6 hours
- Easy: 6 km walking – 4 hours



Morning: Feel the warmth of the sunlight, hear the bird sound and slowly wake up in the tranquility of nature. After that unforgettable experience, you can enjoy breakfast and begin walking down the path to a gorgeous valley. Here, take your time to have an excursion on the rice paddles and do not forget to take photos of the scene. 

Alternatively, it is possible to stop at the nearby village to learn what you do not know about the local. Then, a car will be prepared to take you back to the retreat to have our delicious lunch before be transferred to Hanoi.

In the afternoon, you will be back in Hanoi and feel relaxed after such amazing journey. 

Summary: 4 km easy walking –3 – 3.5 hours

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