About Us

Excursion Vietnam is managed by Seni World Co., Ltd where we bring to our customers the treasures of value. In fact, it comes from the passion of introducing our beautiful countries and how much satisfaction we can create after all the trips, and thus, ensure loyal customers where the impersonating is cared for the most and is our right direction from the beginning.

With us, your holidays are tailor-made with 100% effort pouring in to ensure perfection from tiny details and definitely what you are looking for, especially for independently minded travelers looking for unique and authentic experience.

Our confidence comes from thorough knowledgeable local based experts who are passionate of what they do. They not only have extensively experience in traveling but also are in love with the land themselves, that’s why it is considered as essential as the air they breathe and always ready to deliver the highest values to the others. We know that the perfect holiday rarely happens by chance, rather, it comes from the collection of perfect experience and state of mind which is aware of what they do and the thrive to achieve the best. Simply put, we only choose the best!

In Excursion Vietnam, we deal with your enquiries directly by our real experts involving, not by an automated online system, with our one and foremost goal: to show you the best of our countries with highest quality and competitive price from carefully selected hotels to authentic experience that make reflection of who we are.


  • Experience: With deeply developed experience in this field for many years as well as our local knowledge of the regions, we are confident to bring the most authentic experience based on thorough understanding of local life and culture as living closely here for so many years. 
  • Personal: All tailor-made requests will be taken care of up to the tiniest details to ensure personal care and the most suitable trip for clients. We never ignore anything but always record it. If clients have any special diet, trouble with moving or health of anywhere, or simply want a room with bathtub, trust us, we can cater for and bring more than that. Just give us a message and you don’t need to worry about anything until your trip is finished.
  • Unique: We have effective staff who are always ready to discover new and exclusive things to create unique itinerary based on real expectation. All our provided trips aim for the authentic experience of the regions and local life without rushing around. You will have chance to live as a local or feel the most beautiful bits of the country as the one who live here for so long, and feel the soul of the land with its naked form.
  • Flexible: We will cater for all specific requirements from our clients until they are perfect. Also, the program can be mended even when it is processing. After all, this is their holiday, and they have any rightful privilege to make it theirs.
  • Reliable: Unlike many other tour operators, we treasure value and quality over quantity. For us, clients’ satisfaction and impression is the most important factor to contribute to our success, that’s why we focus on providing them the finest products with the sincerest hearts and will continue to do so.
  • Local: We use local guides and local experts in order to deliver the best of the destinations to customers. Besides, we can make use and create many job opportunities for the locals and contribute to the country’s wealth.
  • Efficient: Our expertise and experience will help to design the most suitable itinerary for clients based on cost, time and effort effectiveness.
  • Ambitious: From our birth, we never cease to develop and to deliver our attentive service to our customers. Nevertheless, we always aim to increase, create, and always on the move to higher level.
  • True value: As understanding greatly what clients really want, we exist to deliver exactly what they need based on the value for money, quality and expectation.