3 Star Cruises in Halong Bay

The 10 Best 3 Star Cruises in Halong Bay

Undoubtedly, the beauty of Halong Bay has been known throughout Vietnam and South East Asia. Therefore, thousands of tourists pour in Halong to rest on a cruise and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. However, just like hotels, Halong bay cruises are also classified. 4-star and 5-star cruises might suitable for those who want to experience luxury services on board such as buffet meals, BBQ dinner, spa, cave dining, etc. If you are traveling on a budget, cruising on a 3-star vessel is also a great choice, which surely comes with fun activities, fulfilling meals, amazing staffs. Follow Vietnam Excursion to choose for you one of the 10 best 3-star cruises in Halong Bay.

1. V’Spirit Cruises

V’Spirit has been operating for a long time in Halong Bay, which offers a wide range of services and amenities. With 3 cruises in total, V’Spirit promises to bring you the most fulfilling experience while traveling to Halong Bay.

V’Spirit Cruises

Each cabin on the cruise is equipped with air-conditioner, shower, slippers and bottled water. There is also safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, life jackets for passengers on board. Not only that, you will enjoy various foods in a great dining room with, fishing, Tai Chi exercise, massage and so on. If you want to have a party or wedding ceremony, the company is happy to arrange the event for you.

A Room on the Cruise

2. Oriental Sail

Coming to Oriental Sail, you will be surprised at the traditional Vietnamese style of decorations on the boat. This is a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy their cozy moment with families, especially couples. Since the renovation in 2014, the Oriental Sail aims to satisfy all guests during their travel to Vietnam.

Oriental Sail

Each room on the cruise is filled with the authentic style of Vietnam with wooden decorations and luxurious yellow lights. All the basic facilities are available including shower, toiletries, air-conditioners, wardrobe, etc. Oriental Sail packs with a lot of activities, some of which are kayaking, cooking demonstration or swimming. The friendly staffs are determined to make you at home and if you are interested, tour guides are always available.

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Comfy Beds with Beautiful Decorations

3. Huong Hai Junks

Huong Hai Junks looks stylish from afar with yellow and brown wooden body and sails. When you board the cruise, there is a whole new world for you to discover along the way. It is one of the great choices you should consider.

Huong Hai Junks

The cruise is proud of their excellent staffs with experience up to 15 years and at least 6 years in the hospitality industry. As such, tourists will certainly be offered with the most enjoyable services on board. The restaurant and bar are also the notable features of the cruise with delicious seafood and a wide range of beverage such as spirits, beer and soft drinks. Moreover, your trip will not be boring as there are a lot of activities during your cruise itinerary.

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Bar on Huong Hai Junks

4. Lemon Cruise Halong

The Lemon Cruise is the next wonderful option to travel around Halong Bay. With the modern and luxurious interior and exterior, the cruise will take you on a lovely trip through the UNESCO World Heritage.

Lemon Cruise Halong

Lemon Cruise brings many exciting and relaxing activities to passenger on board. If you love exploration, then kayaking and biking on Cat Ba Island are designed for you. Otherwise, spending time snorkeling during the day or squid fishing during the night is enjoyed by many worldwide tourists. Even though not large in size, the restaurant and bar are fully equipped, which also offer BBQ facilities, various wines for tourists.

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The Sundeck

5. Halong Legacy Cruise

Although Halong Legacy Cruise has been built since 2012, they still offer one of the best cruises in the region. The rooms are highly regarded for their unique style yet allowing passengers to feel at home. The high-quality services and the facilities will enrich your experience while traveling to Halong Bay.

Halong Legacy Cruise

The foods on the cruise are considered to be extremely good for people who want to try the local cuisine. All cabins are full-furnished with hairdryer, slippers, comfy bed, air-conditioning and shower. Another plus of the cruise is the professional staffs and guarantee 24-hour security for tourists.

Swimming Activity

6. Alova Gold Cruise

Alova Gold Cruise is known for providing wonderful services and accommodation for a very long time. The combination between the classic and modern style can easily satisfy passengers on board. Come to Alova Gold Cruise and spend your wonderful time with families or friends.

Alova Gold Cruise

Tourists love the helpful staffs who ready to serve all the need of the passengers despite difficulties. Since their slogan is “we care about your trips”, you will feel at ease all the time and all concern will be dealt with. Additionally, foods and drinks are outstanding, though the beverage is a little bit costly.

Private Bathroom in the Room

7. Aclass Cruise

No list can be complete without mentioning Aclass Cruise who offers top-quality in Halong Bay. There are 3 cruises available for you and all of them bear the same excellent quality. Here, you can easily immerse in the luxurious yet traditional atmosphere and contemplate the view of the bay.

Aclass Cruise

Aclass Cruise offers all the basic amenities in a room like air conditioning, shower cubicle, deposit box, bottled mineral water, and wardrobe. When you need to refill your energy, it is possible to enjoy the delectable meal in the restaurant featuring both seafood and other local cuisine. Many activities such as rowing boat, Tai Chi exercise, fishing, trekking are available to entertain passengers.

Dine outside the Restaurant

8. Majestic Cruise

A huge number of people decide to book Majestic Cruise and enjoy the great services from them. Started in 2013, the team on Majestic Cruise is dedicated to bringing the best experience possible for tourists on board. You will be guided through the splendid landscape of Halong Bay while relaxing on the high-quality cruise.

Majestic Cruise

A good selection of foods is presented in the restaurant on the cruise and they often come with large quantity. The beverage may not offer for free, but they are absolutely worth the money. Other than that, all the activities are varied and brilliantly organized to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Finally, it is a total relaxation when served with the friendly staffs and great cabin of the Majestic Cruise.

Cooking Demonstration

9. Halong Phoenix Cruise

Built in the modern style, Halong Phoenix Cruise creates the luxurious and comfortable style for passengers. Fully-furnished room, professional English speaking staffs and the magnificent scenes of Halong will make your vacation worthwhile.

Halong Phoenix Cruise

The sun deck provides an ideal place for contemplating the gorgeous limestone and unique karst formations in Halong Bay. There are also cool drinks and various activities on the cruise, including cooking classes, kayaking, swimming. At night, you can dine in the remarkable restaurant, rest in the spacious room or spend time fishing quid.

Fishing At Midnight

10. Rosa Cruise

Last but not least, Rosa Cruise just begins their services since May 2016 and has already won the heart of many tourists in the world. Although newly organized, the cruise is managed by Mr. David Vu who has 10 years in the hospitality industry and a team of passionate staffs. With the up-to-date technology, you can never forget the experience during your trip in Halong Bay.

Rosa Cruise

As the name suggests, two of the main colors on the boat are red and crimson marking the charm of the interior of Rosa Cruise. The restaurant will bring you the best cuisine in the local and not just seafood but also other alternatives. The itinerary is also a very strong point of this operator because it is a up-to-the-minute plan with many sites to visit.

Even the Restaurant Covered in Red

That concludes our list of the best 3-star cruises in Halong Bay. This magnificent land is a great spot to explore. However, there are a lot of more tourist attractions in Vietnam that can surely blow your mind, check out our Vietnam travel destinations to find out!

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