4 Star Hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

Top 10 Best 4-star Hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is a wonderful destination to find a 4-star hotel in the ancient capital of Vietnam. Although there are a lot of options, not all of them can satisfy all the guests. You can easily find a suitable one in our top best 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter list.

1. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

The first one on our list is an extremely famous 4-star hotel in the Old Quarter which is Hanoi La Siesta Hotel. This hotel is the new member of Hanoi Elegance Group and has already praised for excellent services. Hanoi La Siesta will be one of the best choices in your travel to Vietnam.

Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

Amazing staffs are always ready to serve with a friendly attitude and professional style. Hardly any mistake can happen when you stay in Hanoi La Siesta Hotel. Moreover, important services are available such as Airport pickup, visa on arrival, doctor on call and so on. All rooms have high-speed internet, daily newspaper in English and French, daily housekeeping (included in the price).

Luxury Room in the Hotel

The hotel also has a wide range of high-quality facilities, especially the outstanding La Siesta Spa attracting not only guests in the hotel but also other customers. Despite the modest name, Red Bean Restaurant will bring the rich cuisine of Vietnamese to tourists in the world. When deciding to dine in this place, you can choose dishes from Hanoi, Hue or even the heart of the South, Ho Chi Minh. Additionally, if you want to find something to entertain yourself, we recommend you to try the gym and the movie room in the hotel once.

2. Oriental Suites Hotel & Spa

Oriental Suites Hotel & Spa aims to mix the beauty of Vietnam and Western for their style. Therefore, it is not difficult to feel the uniqueness in the design of the entire hotel. Guests will have the best experience possible during their stay in this location.

Oriental Suites Hotel & Spa

There are a lot of basic facilities in each room, namely air conditioning, shower, coffee maker, satellite TV, high-speed internet, mini-bar. Additionally, the rooms are charmingly decorated and their architecture reflects the eye of art of the creators. It will be an enjoyment to rest in one of those splendid rooms for the night.

Dining in the Restaurant

Arriving in Oriental Suites, you may find the staffs welcoming you at every moment, even when giving out pieces of advice when staying in the city. Besides excellent staffs, tourists are offered with a great Vietnamese restaurant and a seasoned chef. Finally, the luxury hotel certainly has a built-in spa with the goal to bring the total relaxation for the tourists.

3. MK Premier Boutique Hotel

As a new hotel in the ancient streets, MK Premier Boutique Hotel has brought satisfying experience to a lot of tourists visited. Your stay in this location will be ensured with modern equipment and facilities. The combination of traditional and modern style are one of the highlights of MK Premier Boutique.

MK Premier Boutique Hotel

This place has all the features of a common 4-star hotel in Hanoi, but it still has distinguishable factors that most places does not possess. First of all, MK Premier Boutique offer a restaurant bringing the local cuisine to the diner, a special café with view to the street. Especially, at night, you can relax in the rooftop bar to contemplate the star and the sparkling city. If you are still not fully enjoying those facilities, there will be a luxurious spa in nearby future.

Unique Rooftop Bar

Services and rooms will be able to meet the requirement of all visitors around the world. Each room includes shower (shower/bathtub), telephone, wardrobe, mini bar, internet cable and WiFi, toiletries and so on. Visa upon arrival and airport pickup are basic services that the hotel also has. Besides a great location, MK Premier Boutique is also notable for being much quieter than some other ones.

4. O’Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa

When mentioning the newly opened hotel, it will be a pity without speaking highly of O’Gallery Premier Hotel, a young yet easily one of the best hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter. Organized by the same group that managing Oriental Suites Hotel and Oriental Central Hotel, this place surely will not make any tourist disappointed.

O'Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa

The hotel always prides in their extremely professional and helpful staffs excelling in problem-solving and hospitality. It is always an enjoyment to be served by such attitude, especially in the exquisite room or luxurious restaurant. Additionally, the popular O’ SPA is available in the hotel providing the best relaxation with highly trained team.

Restaurant Offering Vietnamese Foods

The rooms in O’Gallery Premier Hotel are tastefully furnished with air-conditioning, refrigerator, electronic safe box, and a nice map of the hotel. Nonetheless, tourists will feel safe 24-hour since all the room requires the electronic key card and has security peephole. Other than that, the restaurant offers delectable meal, reasonable price for beverage and the stylish decorations.

5. Silk Path Hotel

Silk Path Hotel has been known for a few years as one of the leading 4-star hotels in the ancient streets. From the first glance to the hotel, you will immediately notice the luxurious in the architecture and design of this location. Nevertheless, the quality of this hotel will certainly meet the expectation of every guest.

Silk Path Hotel

Located in the busy street in Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists may be discouraged by the noise of the traffic. However, once you step into the room, there will be no disturb from the outside world. There are also a comfy bed, stylish lights and advanced technology in each room.

Modern Fitness Center

A wide range of facilities are presented in Silk Path Hotel and all are highly regarded. Firstly, we have a business center and reading lounge which are both perfect locations for business visitors. For leisure travelers, the fitness center, piano bar, terrace café, two excellent restaurants will be the stop for pleasure.

6. Hanoi Tirant Hotel

If you feel unappealing by all the 4-star hotels in the Old Quarter, then Hanoi Tirant Hotel may be a great option for you. Despite not a new name in the hospitality industry, the hotel can still compete and easily win over many young competitors in the area. They will not only offer more or less the same quality of services but also many things that others do not have.

Hanoi Tirant Hotel

Hanoi Tirant’s goal is to bring the true “Hanoi” to all their guests during their travel to Vietnam. Therefore, this hotel creates two best places to contemplate the city of the capital. For those who love to spend their time enjoying hearty meal while watching the starry night, feel free to visit the skyline lounge in which tourists can choose from a good selection of foods and drinks. In a hot day, this is a good opportunity to escape from the heat in the outdoor pool on the 11th floor.

View to Hoan Kiem Lake

Moreover, there is also a small gym with modern equipment, tyrant restaurant featuring western and eastern foods, and a comfortable spa. For those who love a private time and see the Old Quarter, rooms on higher floor have a balcony overlooking the lake and streets.

7. Hanoi Pearl Hotel

Hanoi Pearl Hotel is recommended as one of the outstanding options on the list. The hotel does not offer much difference than the rest on the list, but they obvious the most balanced choice out of all.

Hanoi Pearl Hotel

Staying in this place, tourists can rest in the exquisite room decorated nicely and equipped with basic amenities. All the rooms have the exceptional style which can be seen in the paints, the wooden door and floor, and also pictures and lambs. Although not really spacious, Hanoi Pearl Hotel hopes to win the heart of visitors by their design.

Authentic Local Dishes

Services such as visa on arrival and transportation are provided alongside friendly and informative staffs in the hotel. During free time, you can arrive in the gym and the spa to relax or taste the drinks on the Pearl Café Lounge and view the lake. Though there is only one restaurant in Hanoi Pearl, the menu can be changed when a special event arrives like Tet Holiday or Christmas.

8. Golden Silk Boutique Hotel

This location is a charming, gracious hotel in the middle of Hanoi Old Quarter. The Golden Silk Boutique aims to bring different feelings to visitors from other countries. It is a worthwhile place to stay when you go on a trip to the capital.

Golden Silk Boutique Hotel

For many years in the hospitality industry, Golden Silk Boutique still offers some of the best rooms in Hanoi. Hardly any hotel can match their one-of-a-kind style and cutting-edge equipment. You surely be satisfied with the boutique rooms in Golden Silk Boutique. Furthermore, visitors may find the defining style of the hotel in the piano bar as well. It is a wonderful place to meet friends and create unforgettable moments while enjoying tasty wines, champagnes, and complimentary snacks.

The Piano Bar

For the meal, you can dine in the elegant Oriental Restaurant serving a wide range of foods and drinks from Vietnam and other countries. Additionally, the professional staffs will always create a cozy atmosphere for guests and ensure their satisfaction. At night or in the morning, we recommend you to contemplate the city in the bar on the rooftop.

9. Hanoi Marvellous Hotel & Spa

In the harsh competitive environment on the ancient streets, Hanoi Marvellous Hotel is still a perfect choice for people who want to find a 4-star hotel. Seasoned staffs and top notch amenities are offered in this hotel addition to the elegant rooms. Here, you can release your worry and simply experience the wonderful trip in Hanoi.

Hanoi Marvellous Hotel & Spa

The best factor of Hanoi Marvellous Hotel is a great number of quality services. Tourists who like to explore the rich cuisine of Vietnam can participate in the special cooking class in the hotel. This kind of program is not common around hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter. If you want to travel in the city, the hotel also offers a free bicycle service as one of the best means of transportation. Otherwise, a marvelous spa and café are available to unwind after a tiring day.

Delicious Meal in the Restaurant

Rooms in Hanoi Marvellous are designed to serve all types of visitors, yet, it is a little bit steer toward couple with honeymoon room and few special offers. To regain your energy, the restaurant has prepared different menus for lunch and dinner with modern Vietnamese cuisine. It is truly a splendid resting destination for both business and leisure travelers.

10. Hanoi Emerald Waters Hotel & Spa

2016 is obviously a rising year for a young brand hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. Opened at the beginning of the year, Hanoi Emerald Water Hotel deserves to be one of the best 4-star hotels in our list. Despite the short time in the industry, this hotel has provided superb staffs, accommodation and amenities.

Hanoi Emerald Waters Hotel & Spa

Hanoi Emerald may not offer many special things, however, they all excels in what they have. The hotel decided to color their hotel with pleasant and cozy color, making the guest feel at ease immediately. All the facilities in the hotel are modern and new which includes air conditioning, shower, sofa, writing desk and especially soundproofing and comfy beds.

Stylish Room Design

If you wish to enjoy seafood of Vietnam, the Salmon Run Restaurant is unmistakably a correct choice. It is advised that you enjoy the fresh and delicious meal prepared by master chefs who passion for creating the high-quality dishes in Vietnam. For further rich experience, cooking class and EF spa are always happy to be served for guests from the hotel. Your relaxing trip in Vietnam will definitely be enriched by Hanoi Emerald Water Hotel.

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