Best Beaches Near Hoi An

Contemplate The Beauty of 5 Best Beaches Near Hoi An

Vietnam is a famous country with a number of beautiful spots which are ideal options for vacations. With picturesque scenery and tranquil atmosphere, Vietnam has become the holiday destination of countless visitors. One of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam is Hoi An Ancient Town. Located in Quang Nam province, this is a fascinating old city with unique houses and bridges.

There are numerous factors contributing to the appeal of Hoi An to tourists, some of which are conscience; folk and traditional arts; cultural festivals and specialties. In the summer, a voyage is a popular choice for great holidays. And, we cannot ignore beautiful beaches on the way to Hoi An including Cua Dai beach, Cham island, An Bang beach, Ha My beach and so on. Below are some features of each beach for the reference of tourists.

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The Magnificent Town of Hoi An

1. Cua Dai Beach

The first place we would like to mention is the one and only Cua Dai Beach. This is the ideal place to spend your Vietnam beach vacations with a number of inshore resorts, which provide state-of-the-art equipment constructed into a consistent and environmentally-friendly system.

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai beach is located in the tropical zone with a rainy season falling between February and August. With such a fresh climate, there are several recreational activities for tourists such as enjoy numerous delicious dishes cooked from clean seafood at some famous restaurant here like Phu Loc, Khai, Man, My Le,…

And a fascinating thing that you should take into account when you come here is to experience the daily work of fishermen floating in the tossed basket boats.

Fisherman working near Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach 2

2. Cham Island

About 15 kilometers of Cua Dai coast, Cham Island is an archipelago located in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city. This place is recognized as World Biosphere Reserves in 2009 by UNESCO. It is famous for the age-old culture of the Cham and the cool climate all year round.

Many visitors come here for its pristine beauty, thereby making it a hot holiday spot in recent years. Visitors usually take Cham Island Tour from Hoi An in the middle of the month when they can immerse themselves in both romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

The pure fresh watered beach in Cham Island

Travelers seem to enjoy the wild beauty here with sunshine, blue sea, white sand. Here they can swim in the crystal blue water, dive to see coral reefs, observe the daily life of local fishermen and enjoy fresh seafood. All activities offer tourists memorable experiences.

Diverse Marine Life in Cham Island

3. An Bang Beach

If you desire a change in scenery, An Bang beach is a great option. It is in Cam An ward, nearly 3km from the center of Hoi An Ancient Town and 22 km from the center of Da Nang City.

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Sunbathing at An Bang Beach

Go alongside the Hai Ba Trung road from the old town, through colorful houses among green rice fields until a sign named ” An Bang Beach” appears, you have reached the destination. With the length 4km of the coast, this beach is an attractive landscape and peaceful natural scenery with white and smooth sand, fresh green peas or pineapple clumps of the sea.

The water is so clear that tourists can watch fishes swimming. An exceptionally amazing experience that visitor cannot miss when coming here is watching sunrise and sunset on the sea. This is also the time when boats are put out to the sea, which makes the beach atmosphere incredibly gorgeous.

Relaxing at An Bang Beach

4. Ha My Beach

Another good spot for vacations is Ha My beach, which is in a convenient position, between Da Nang city and Hoi An Ancient town. Typical beauty of the center of Vietnam is perfectly demonstrated in Ha My landscape. The place has sun-kissed white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Tourists can lie around on the beach all day as there are many sweet palm trees. The place becomes most beautiful when sunrise and sunset.

Especially, in the clear evening, the surface of Ha My sea is extremely pretty because of the neon lights from thousands of shimmering boats. Although this location is rather secluded, there are many modern resorts overlooking the sea at reasonable prices. Stepping into these high-end resorts, visitors will have experiences connections between the past and the present and between the soul of the old town and the vast nature of the sea. What is an ideal destination for families!

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Ha My Beach is lesser-known but pristine and peaceful

5. Binh Minh Beach

Binh Minh Sea appears to be a strange name, but it totally deserves a spot on the list of must-go places on Hoi An tour. About 10 kilometers from the East of the center of Thang Binh Commune, besides the potential of marine resources, Binh Minh also owns a beautiful and romantic beach. On the map, visitors will see Binh Minh between Hoi An and Tam Ky city. Not far from Hoi An but not too close to Tam Ky so the route to Binh Minh surely will not discourage tourists.

Walking around the beaches of Binh Minh, listening to the story of fishermen, visitors will have opportunities to explore interesting things about the lives of the people in Binh Minh.

Binh Minh Beach is not really known very well by tourists


It is undeniable that Hoi An is becoming more and more prominent among tourism places. The gorgeous beaches near Hoi An that Excursion Vietnam has just recommended above are the wonderful gifts from nature that very few countries possess. They would facilitate the tourism industry in Vietnam.

However, it is a long process that requires proper attention and investment to both develop the existing potential and preserve the pristine nature of the beaches. The changes will surely come to this land and hopefully, it will attract more and more visitors to travel to Vietnam in the future.

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