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8 Best Things To Do in Hoi An [2024 Update]

Located at a heart of Quang Nam province, Hoi An is not only a charming destination for visitors but also a World Heritage site which is recognized by the UNESCO. Coming to Hoi An, you will have great time to relax at a Café shop, taste some delicious street food and experience interesting activities. Below are 8 things to do in Hoi An that you shouldn’t miss when you visit this wonderful land in 2024.

Stroll Around Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An’s Unesco old town shines it magical light at night. When the sunset comes, the illumination from lanterns makes the atmosphere become more romantic. Here, you can cross Japanese Bridge-one of the most ancient bridges in Hoi An built in the 16th century. Today, it has become the symbol of Hoi An old town with unique architecture.

hoi an ancient town

Then, you should shop at the Hoi An market. This market offers many kinds of special souvenirs, handicrafts, lanterns and excellent local food at super low price.

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Another interesting things to do in Hoi An is releasing flower garlands. It’s very fun experience when you take part in decorating the party of light in Hoai river. Locals believe that those flower garlands will bring luck for their family and friends.

Join a Cooking Class

On the first try, Vietnamese cuisine definitely makes you fall in love with. And the best way to taste mouth-watering food is to make it by yourself. Follow a cooking class will help you to understand how these flavors are made. Thus, you can cook it when you go back your hometown.

hoi an cooking class

If you’re interested in making Vietnamese cuisine in Hoi An, you should consider our Cooking Class to experience the unique flavors with the guideline of our professional chef.

Spend a Few Hours at Café

What do you attend to do to relax after hard-working days? I have to say spending a few hours at Cafés in Hoi An is the best option for you. There are plenty of specialty coffee shops which are decorated with colonial style.


Coming here, you can not only have a chance to enjoy some of the exotic drinks of Hoian but also choose for yourself a great spot to have an amazing view over the ancient town and observe normal life of locals. Besides, you also can taste some flavorful dishes from both Vietnamese and Western cuisine. It would be a regret if you don’t try Vietnamese coffee.

Take a Tra Que Organic Village Cycling tour

Why don’t you try a unique experience of taking a Tra Que organic Village cycling tour? Tra Que village is famous for its organic products. All local foods in Hoi An are made from fresh and clean vegetable which are planted in the village. Visiting Tra Que village, you will have valuable time to learn how to grow various vegetable, cook fabulous specialties and interact with locals. Spend time exploring Tra Que village is never a bad choice when you visit Hoi An.

tra que organic village

Get a Tailor-made suit or dress

Beside historical sites, travelers will have an opportunities to experience the interesting tailoring services. Forbes magazine used to honor one of the best tailor shops in Hoi An because of its unique and professional services. Only 24 hours, you will receive the tailored costume delivered to your hotel.

tailor made suit

Enjoy Tasty Street Food

Hoi An Old town offers many kinds of street foods but Cao Lau and Banh Mi are the most incredible foods in your journey. Cao Lau is simply a specialty dish by its original name. Cao means high and Lau means upstairs. The recipe is made from noodles, BBQ pork, and local greens.

street food

“Vietnamese Banh Mi is the best sandwich in the world” said by David Farley – a BBC reporter specialized in Travel and Cuisine. He has eaten 15 loaves of Banh Mi at different countries in the world but for him, Banh Mi in Hoi An is the best. The ingredients of Banh Mi Hoi An include slices of pork, pate, basil and typical pork sauces.

street food 1

It’s really wasted experience if you don’t try Hoi An chicken rice. The recipe includes rice, chicken, onion, and carrot.

street food 2

Discover Cu Lao Cham Island

Discovering Cu Lao Cham Island will bring a different experience to your trip in Hoi An. The island has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve by its amazing environment. If you are a sea lover, you shouldn’t miss the fabulous island.

cu lao cham island

» Consider our Cham island tour to explore Lang fishing village, get stunning time with a diving on Xep Beach and sunbathe at Chong Beach.

Relax at An Bang Beach

Situated in a quiet location far away from the crowds, An Bang beach is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your holiday in Hoi An. Beside of white sand and turquoise water, breathtaking sunrise and sunset in An Bang beach are a good choice for you to enjoy.

an bang beach

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