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The 6 Most Famous and Beautiful Valleys in Vietnam

Vietnamese valleys always hide the sublime beauty of nature that creates an irresistible attraction for travelers. The valleys are a wonderful combination between picturesque landscapes and simple lifestyle of local people. Follow us to discover the 6 most famous and beautiful valleys in Vietnam.

1. Muong Hoa Valley

Located in Sapa – Lao Cai, Muong Hoa Valley is an ideal destination for your long trips in Vietnam. At the first time, the valley charms visitors by beautiful landscape of one of the most impressive terraces in Vietnam. The flourish terrace fields change its colors in different time around a year.

Muong Hoa - The Most Beautiful Valleys in Vietnam

Among significant rice fields, many groups of ethnic minorities built small villages for settlement. Each group offers unique features of culture and lifestyle that visitors can discover when taking a visit to Muong Hoa valley. Besides, visitors can find ancient stones scatter on the valley with carved strange pictures that scientists have ever discovered its real meanings.

H'mong Ethnic Mother and her daughter walking in Muong Hoa Valley

2. Muong Thanh Valley

Muong Thanh Valley or Dien Bien valley is an attractive destination in Dien Bien province – a mountainous area of the North in Vietnam. The valley is also famous for significant terraces, which produces a large amount of high quality of rice in Vietnam. For a long time, Nam Rom river waters for the paddy fields and becomes an important source for local people’s life. It gently sneaks through Muong Thanh rice fields, flows to Laos, and then, pours into misty Mekong river.

Muong Thanh Valley

Muong Thanh valley witnessed the glorious history of Vietnam army in the defense against Vietnam’s enemy in the 20th century. In the present time, there is still ancient military base in the period of French colonialism that tourists can visit.]

3. Mai Chau Valley

Situated in Hoa Binh province, it is about 130km to drive from the center of Hanoi capital to this beautiful valley. The paddy fields are surrounded by majestic mountains, which create an extremely nice panorama for the valley. After catching a sublime moment in Mai Chay Valley, visitors can visit Thai people’s village and discover their simple traditional stilt house and their featured lifestyle. There are some community-based tourism zones that travelers can access such as Lac village, Pom Coong village.

Mai Chau Valley

The valley is certainly a wonderful choice for your abroad tours. Escaping from bustling pace of life, there is only the peace and tranquility of Vietnamese villages where nature blends perfectly with the daily life of human beings. You can participate in bicycle tours in Mai Chau Valley to enjoy the wonderful beauty of this destination.

Local Homestay in Muong Hoa Valley

4. Bac Son Valley

Bac Son Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Vietnam with sublime sceneries. The beauty of valley changes significantly in one day, which offers a brand-new experience for visitors. Thanks to its picturesque landscape, this destination becomes an ideal place for photographers for catching perfect photos about Vietnamese natural beauty.

Bac Son Valley

In particular, when joining our tour, tourists can discover the special culture and lifestyle of Tay people – an ethnic minority in Vietnam. Their houses are built under majestic limestone mountains and all of them are towards the Northern.

5. A Shau Valley Vietnam

Stretching for 40km along the border Vietnam-Laos, A Shau is one of the most famous valleys in Vietnam on the western part of Hue City. In the past, the valley was once the military base of the American Army 101st Airborne in Vietnam War. It was also one of the main entry points on the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail into Southern Vietnam for Northern military troops and materials. A Shau witnessed and suffered from a lot of intense battles in the war, especially the notorious battle of Hamburger Hill in May 1969 when a lot of American and Vietnamese soldiers were killed and wounded.

A Shau Valley today is a green peaceful land with stunning mountain ranges and idyllic local villages. Paying a visit to the valley, you might get an insight into one of the darkest periods in Vietnam history as well as witness the tranquility of Vietnamese countryside in the era of Peace.

6. Love Valley, Da Lat

Love valley located in Da Lat – Lam Dong- the most romantic place in Vietnam. With an area of 240 hectares, the valley is the convergence of gentle streams in high mountains, crystal ponds, and lush pine forests. When the valley is covered with foggy layers, it turns into a magic picture with a mysterious beauty.

If you are flower-lovers, Love Valley will truly satisfy you. There are abandon sorts of famous flowers planted in the valley, which attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy. The weather is so comfortable for visitors compared to other regions in Vietnam.

Love Valley in Da Lat - The Valley of Flowers

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