Cham Island

Cham Island – The Paradise for Your Wonderful Laidback

Cham Island is renowned as one of the best islands in Vietnam, designated as one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the world. The destination is a perfect harmony of the unspoiled beauty of nature, invaluable values of history, and simple daily life of local people. Let follow us to discover the interesting things on this beautiful island.

Located in Quang Nam province – an area of the central land in Vietnam, Cham Island attracts every visitor by its extremely pristine landscapes and tranquil atmosphere. Only 15km from Cua Dai beach, the island encompasses a system of 8 islands, many of them are still uninhabited.

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Despite sparse population, Cham island has a close relationship with the development of Hoi An trading port- the most bustling trading place in the central land in Vietnam in the previous time. There are many old architectures and relics, which still remains until now such as Hai Tang Temple, Champa Ancient Well, Ong tomb, and Ba temple. In Vietnamese history, the island plays an important part on the international trading routes in East Sea. It is also a familiar anchoring place of both Eastern and Western ships, which transport precious goods at that time such as luxurious silk and ceramics.

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With an advantage of natural conditions, Cham Island owns a biodiversity, which is home to many rare marine species with high values of nutrients and economy. Besides, the island is an ideal environment for sublime coral reefs to develop. So visitors can enjoy snorkeling when visiting beautiful island. Diving into crystal blue water, a lively marine life will appear in your eyes; colorful coral reefs, strange sea creature hiding into coral reefs. It is certainly a wonderful experience in your life.

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When planning a tour in Cham island, visitors cannot miss the pretty beaches in this destination. In general, those beaches have extremely peaceful atmosphere without huge influence of tourism industry. They have long sand beach with excellently blue water and vast space of sea. It is a taste of serene when being sunbathed under warm sunlight, felt every cool wind flowing on every inch of our skin, and gazed out the giant sea with small ships mooring in a romantic coast on the island.

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Cham Island is one of the distinctive island, which has fresh water streams flowing through small villages. Along with catching fish to earn money for life, local people also do farming. Some parts of the island were turned into beautiful paddy fields and lush fruit gardens. With the guidance of local people, you can enjoy their daily activities such as planting rice or harvest fruits on the island.

Sea foods are always a typical feature of every island. If you want to self-cook your own meals, you can drop by Tan Hiep market and buy native sea creatures for your dish’s materials. This idea is very suitable if you have intended to go camping on this destination. Or you can enjoy fabulous meals at polite restaurants along the beautiful coast of Cham Island.

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The most suitable time for visit Cham Island is from March to August. At that time, the weather is extremely beautiful with comfortable temperature, quiet sea surface, and brilliant sunlight. In other months, the weather often occurs tropical storms that this area can be isolated.

Besides, Cham Island is near Hoi An Ancient Town – one of the most prosperous trading places in Vietnam in the period of feudalism. It will be an excellent choice if you come to this place in full moon days following to lunar calendar. Most corners of the ancient town will be decorated with colorful lanterns.

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