Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market – One of the Most Prosperous Trading Places in Vietnam

Located right at the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is considered as one of the most ancient markets in Vietnam right, which has become an important trading place throughout 2 centuries. It can be seen that Dong Xuan Market brings invaluable values of spirits with Vietnamese people for a long time because of its long-standing history, outstanding architecture and other unique features. Follow Excursion Vietnam to discover the amazing things in this interesting destination!

All About Dong Xuan Market

Built in 1889, Dong Xuan market is not only one of the most bustling center in Vietnam but also a tourist attraction because of its long-standing history. In the past time, the market was closely attached to the economic development of Thang Long – the ancient capital of Vietnam in the period of feudalism.

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Thanks to the advantages of geographical conditions and comfortable transportation, Dong Xuan Market has become the top choice of Vietnamese merchants in the previous time. All kinds of goods were transported to Dong Xuan Market before allocating to other places in Vietnam. For this reason, the market mostly dominates many important trading activities in the North of Vietnam.

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In particular, Dong Xuan market increasingly attracted the attention of international merchants after the French had finished Long Bien Bridge. Until now, this place still plays an irreplaceable role in both trading activities of Hanoi capital and the daily life of Hanoians.

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Dong Xuan market is one of the impressive structure, which is typical for French architecture in Vietnam at that time. Initially, the market has an area of about 6500m2 including a complex of 5 adjacent houses. In the façade of the market, there are 5 big entrances, which are featured by French – style doom doors. In 1995, Dong Xuan market was expanded with an area of nearly 14.000 m2.

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In tradition, Dong Xuan Market only opens every of two days. At the present time, the market opens every day in one month because of the huge demands for trading activities and tourism. There are various sorts of goods that you can charge in the market, from agricultural products to crafts and machines. Besides the inside area of Dong Xuan market, the business activities also take place in the surrounding of this place such as Hang Dong town, Bat Su town, Hang Chieu town, Thuoc Bac town.

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Foods to Try in Dong Xuan Market

Taking a visit to Dong Xuan market, Dong Xuan alley is one of a must-see place which is renowned as the paradise of Vietnamese street foods. Within less than 1km, this destination retains the typical features of Vietnamese culinary in the past time. In the hearts of Hanoians, Dong Xuan alley is an indispensable part of their life, which reminds them of beautiful moments until the childhood time. Visitors can find the culinary of both 3 regions of Vietnam in Dong Xuan alley. There is an abundant number of fabulous dishes that you can try in this place.

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BBQ Pork

The freshest bacon is chosen for the main material of the dish. After buying pork in the market, it is sliced into eye-catching cylinders before being grilled on the coal stove. The pork is added with many kinds of juice and the layers of pork are covered by Vietnamese traditional leaves.

BBQ Pork

Bun Oc

Its main materials are Vietnamese noodles and a special kind of Vietnamese snail. .They are put into a big bowl adding with the slight sour of broth, tofu (a dish made from soy beans), and attractive savors of Vietnamese herbs.

Bun Oc


It is one of the most famous street foods in Vietnam, which is extremely suitable for hot summertime in Vietnam. There are many kinds of Che, which is mainly made from Vietnamese vegetarian materials such as sticky rice, coconut milk, or Vietnamese fruits. All of them create a wonderful combination of colors for the dish.


Besides, there are many other Vietnamese traditional dishes that you can enjoy in Dong Xuan alley. But remember that, the small restaurants in this place only open in the daytime.

Hopefully, you’ve just learnt a bit more about Dong Xuan Market – one of the must-see traditional shopping centers in Hanoi. Have a look at our Hanoi Travel Guide for more useful travel tips.

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