Get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport

How to Get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport

The first time arriving in Ha Noi, you would feel struggling with the commute operating system here. From Noi Bai to your hotel could be a distance that you don’t know how to navigate.

It is likely that you have book a room around Hanoi Old Quarter, which is 28 km from the airport. The conventional taxi will sure be helpful, but you may want to look for a more budget alternative.

This writing will guide you how to use the transportation, by all means, to get from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi Old Quarter.

1. By Bus

Transporting by bus is probably the cheapest way to commute in Vietnam. Noi Bai airport has an area where you can catch a public bus to go to town. Besides, service buses are available with more flexibility. Let’s see how different they are.

Shuttle bus or service vans operated by the airline companies will cost around 40.000 VND (2$) for one way. There are three of them:

  • Jetstar Pacific: if your flight with this air company, you can catch its vans depart shortly after the arrival. You can reserve and pay before boarding.
  • Vietnam Airlines: from Terminal 1 arrival, the bus leaves every 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Vietjet Air: you must book a seat via their official website and catch the bus at Terminal 1.

These shuttle buses will stop around accessible ways to Hanoi Old Quarter. Whereas, minivans can drop you off your hotel if you show the address to the driver

Get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport by bus

Public bus, on the other hand, is cheaper but more crowded, and it takes more time as the bus will stop on the way to pick up local passengers. If you want to experience this local transporting, search for the public bus number 17 which runs from Noi Bai Airport to Long Bien Station. Don’t walk away if you miss the catch; the next one comes in the next 20 minutes. It should take about 40 minutes to an hour depends on the traffic jam to get to town. You can walk to your hotel from here with not much of confusions. The fare is 9000 VND per person (0.5 $). However, you will have to pay for your luggage if it excesses the regular size.

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Bus number 17 from Noi Bai Airport to Long Bien Station

Bus number 86 is more eye-catching with yellow and orange offers fresher yet faster bus service. The operation hour is from 5 am to 10 pm. Ticket price is 30,000 VND (1.5 $). The bus route includes Hoan Kiem Lake, and Long Bien Station and terminates at Hanoi Central Railway Station. If you want to be dropped off at the nearest bus station to your hotel, then just ask the bus assistants, they can speak some English.

Note: Pay attention to the bus hours as they don’t operate during the night time.

Bus 86 - an amazing choice for the fans of public transportations

2. By Private car

This must be the most convenient way to transfer to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi airport, but not for budget backpacking. There are companies and tour agencies you can reserve a private car, or you can proceed to any express booth near the way out to book a car.

Another way to have a car picked you up is to contact your hotel before the day you arrive. They should have the pick-up service which you will pay some extra for the convenience. You will get a welcome man holding a placard with your name at the arrival gate, and he will be your driver.

This way you can worry-free about scammer and frustration like in the hassle public bus as well as travel all the way to your hotel.

Get to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi Airport by private car

3. By Taxi

Conventional Taxi

Like a private car, you get all the benefits of a non-stop trip to your place but not the extreme care from your private driver. The taxi stand is right outside the arrival terminal. Make sure you choose Mai Linh in green and Taxi Group in white since they are reliable express companies.

Avoid the “conversational” people trying to offer you a budget ride with their nameless service, higher chance that you will get cheated. Taxi service in the airport often charges a fixed price to town around no less than 350,000 – 400,000VND ($18-$20).

To make sure you are not getting ripped off, contact the taxi operator standing near the taxi team, give him/her your address; he should write down a receipt with money on it. That way you won’t get the driver drive a long distance for the meter to run over the fares you should pay. Remember, you have all the right to haggle if the price is higher than this guide. Another forewarn before you get in the cab is to confirm your destination and price. Don’t listen to any suggestion.

Mai Linh - One of the most reliable taxi companies in Hanoi


If you are familiar with using Grab Taxi and have the app downloaded on your device, don’t mind using it. The airport should have free internet available so that you can summon a car with ease.

**Tips: if you already have a SIM card with a number, great. But if you don’t, leave the message in the app chat about your position (the pillar number), remember the car number and keep track with GPS on the app to see if your car is coming. Grab fare should appear on the application. It ranges averagely from 250.000 ($12) and may rise in rush hours.

Since Grab has failed the trust of many drivers in Ha Noi, it is better to have similar apps for car booking like Go Viet or Vato with a more competitive price. These apps support English; you won’t find it too difficult to interact with. Admittedly, E-taxi should be the safest way of transport in Ha Noi if you know how to take the most advantage of it.

Grab Taxi App is free and easy to use

We hope to release your concern about moving from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi Old Quarter. Once you complete one trip on your own, you learn the ordinary commute way in the city. Besides, knowing how the transport works in the city gives you the power to explore the capital more confidently. Don’t forget to check out our Hanoi Travel Guide to get a closer look at this lovely town.

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