2-Storey Bus in Hanoi

2-Storey Bus in Hanoi – A Brand New Experience for Hanoi City Tour

In Hanoi Capital, there are many kinds of vehicles that you can choose to travel around the city and well-known sites. In recent time, 2-storey bus have gone into operation in Hanoi, which certainly brings about a new experience to you while enjoying a wonderful trip around the beautiful capital of Vietnam. In this post, we will provide some useful information about 2-storey bus service in Hanoi.

In fact, 2-storey bus has become a popular sort of vehicle for travelling in the Western countries for a long time. However, it is the first time Vietnam operate this bus line and it is especially used for tourism. Those 2-storey buses will only be specialized for tourism in the next 5 years to transport visitors from center of the capital to airports, famous destinations and resorts.

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This model was applied successfully in some Asian countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. If visitors just enjoyed some traditional Vietnam vehicles such as one-storey bus, motorbikes or taxies in the past time, 2 storey buses definitely brings a brand new experience for your Hanoi city tour.

2-Storey Bus in Hanoi 2

The 2-storey buses are designed with the capacity of 16 seats to 45 seats with the open space in second floor. So you not only can choose the bus whose sizes meet your demand but also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Hanoi in the most authentic way.

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The most advantagous feature of the vehicle is that you can travel directly to many famous sites in Hanoi with cheap price in comparison to other kinds of vehicles. Besides, you can easily access many famous places in Hanoi without wasting time searching information about how to get there. Some attractive destinations are listed in this bus including: Hanoi Opera House, Trang Tien, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. If the bus goes into good operation, the 2–storey bus line will be expanded to other well-known places in Hanoi.

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