Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

How to Travel from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

Have you ever visited Hoi An? It is always listed as one of the must-visit destinations when you come to Central Vietnam. Normally, it may take you a few days to discover the impeccable beauty here, from the Old Quarter, the traditional markets, the charming beaches to the coconut woods.

Besides the Hoi An Tours, if you have time to explore Central Vietnam more, it would be an incredible experience to visit Ba Na Hills in Da Nang to set food on one of the hottest sight in Asia – the Golden Bridge. From Hoi An, there are different ways to travel to this destination.

This article will show you the optimal means of transportation to get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. So, please have a look!

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1. By Bus

The first suggestion is catching a bus. This way is particularly suitable for those who travel with a limited budget and don’t want to spend too much money on transportation. Bus services here start at 5:30 in the morning and stop working at 6 pm, with a frequency of every 20 minutes.

Although buses will take you more time to travel than other modes of transportation, it can help you save some money. The ticket is about 10,000 VND for local people and about 50,000 VND for tourists. The distance from Da Nang to Hoi An is 23 kilometers, so it will surely not be a good option for carsick people. However, from Da Nang Central Bus Station, there is no bus route to Ba Na Hills. Therefore, you have to hire other sorts of vehicles to access this destination such as taxi, motorbikes.

Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by bus

2. By Taxi

Are you searching for the fastest vehicle to visit Ba Na Hills? Choose a taxi. With this mode of transportation, you can visit everywhere you want in Ba Na Hills without depending on schedule.

However, make sure to tell your driver where you want to go. Some of them may not be familiar with the area so they can end up driving in circles trying to find the destination. To avoid scams, Excursion Vietnam would like to advise you to choose one of the famous and reliable taxi brands below:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: +84 511 352 5252
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 372 7272
  • Vinasun Taxi: +84 511 368 6868

However, this way won’t be suitable for everyone because it is quite expensive. The price ranges from 350,000 VND to 450,000 VND for a single turn and from 500,000 VND up to 600,000 VND for a round turn.

Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by taxi

3. By Motorbike

Do you want to contemplate every single beautiful scenery during the trip to Ba Na Hills? Surely traveling a motorbike from Hoi An is the best choice for you.

There are many places where you can get this vehicle in Hoi An such as hotels, travel agents, local houses, etc. When hiring a motorbike, show your identification, your driving license and leave money as a deposit. The price for hiring a motorbike is quite reasonable. Depending on the types of the motorbike, it may cost you from 80,000 VND to 200,000 VND/motorbike/day. Remember, you can bargain if the price is higher than this.

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Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by motorbike

There are 2 main segments that you should focus on to travel to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An. The first segment is from Hoi An to Da Nang, which is a beautiful coastal road along the splendid My Khe Beach. The traffic in this route is quite easy, so take it easy and enjoy the ocean breeze. Don’t ride too fast on this route (<60km/h) or the police will pull you over! The second segment is from Da Nang City to Ba Na Hills, which is more beautiful and fascinating. You will ride through the tranquil outskirts of Da Nang, local villages and stunning pass roads. Remember to bring your camera!

Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by motorbike 1

4. By Tour service

This way you can worry-free about anything from organizing the schedule or searching for the route as the tour company will do everything for you. The private tour guide will take you to all wonderful destinations and provide you with all necessary information. Besides, they can give you loads of useful suggestions about the hotels to stay, the restaurants to eat and other exciting activities to do.

The only problem with this way is that you have to follow the fixed schedule time that is set before. So, it may not be the choice for tourists who want to be flexible during their trip. The fare is not too high also. Normally, a round- trip ticket will cost you from 150,000 VND up to 200,000 VND. For a single ticket, the price is 100,000 VND.

If you are not budget travelers and just want to enjoy your wonderful trip to Ba Na Hills without worrying about any scams on the way, let us offer you our special Ba Na Hills Tour from Hoi An 

Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by tour services

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will know some cool ways to transfer from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. If you still have some more free days in Hoi An, make sure to check out The 8 Best Things to Do in Hoi An that you should not miss. For more useful travel tips in this charming land, consider our Hoi An Travel Guide!

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