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Options for Traveling in the magnificent land of Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is blessed with beautiful landscape, dreamy scenery and unique characteristics in each region. Tourists will want to venture from town to the next, explore everything in your short trip. Yet, it will be a disaster if you do not know how to travel around Mekong Deta. Check out our post for some options of transportation for your upcoming trip.

1. By Bus

mekong delta travel by bus

The bus system in Vietnam is becoming more and more developed in recent years and remains as a prominent public transportation in Vietnam. As a result, we would recommend you to venture around Mekong Delta, or even in the whole country, by bus since it is really cheap and pretty safe. This will also a good choice for people who want to travel to major towns and cities.

However, if you would like to visit a remote area, or stop at midway to contemplate the magnificent landscape, it is better that you consider other option.

2. By Motorbike

mekong delta travel by motorbike

Adventurers will love to travel in Mekong Delta on a motorbike and conduct their exploration on their own. The best thing about a motorbike is that it provides you with total control of your trip, including where to go, place to stay and time to start. A motorbike rental is relatively low-cost, ranging from 10$ to 15$ per day.

You will have to research about the road and local path as well, which can be a downside to many people. A fair knowledge about motorbike is recommended if there is no tour guide to help you in cases of need.

3. By Bike

mekong delta travel by bike

This will be a less favorable choice than a motorbike since most advantages can be found in a motorbike. Nonetheless, a bike is much more suitable to travel in short distance, perhaps traveling around a village (or a town), and maybe is a great exercise in your trip in Vietnam.

4. By Private car/taxi

mekong delta travel by taxi

A private car will always make your trip easier and more convenient than ever. In spite of high-cost, a private car serves as a guide during your trip and save you time looking at a map. While traveling in a private car, it is also possible to make a few stops on the way, step out and capture the beautiful nature.

On the other hand, because there are places a car cannot access, tourists who wish to travel to the remote area is not recommended to hire a private car.

5. By Boat

mekong delta travel by boat

As the name suggested, Mekong Delta region has the Great Mekong River connecting many regions together. As a result, local people, and even tourists today travel by boat. This will allow you to experience the unique culture on Mekong River of Vietnamese and immerse in the daily life of the local. If you board a cruise, you may also travel to other countries like Cambodia and Laos on the same trip.

Certainly, when you are on a boat, it will be hard to venture deep into the mainland so you might want to combine with other forms of transportation too.

6. By Tour services

Even though Mekong Delta has received a lot of attention from tourists lately, the best way to travel in the region is to book a tour from an agency. Not only this will include all options on our list but there will also be bonus features such as a local tour guide and a well-planned itinerary. For both first-timers and experienced travelers, traveling on a tour will definitely save you from wasting time, effort.

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