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Mui Ne – The Land of Stunning Beaches in Phan Thiet

About 183 km from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet has become one of the best places for wonderful beach holidays in the Southern Vietnam. The most typical feature of Mui Ne is white-sand beaches with pretty islets among the vast sea. This place also remains invaluable values of culture and history, which is still well-preserved until now. In this post, we’ll recommend the outstanding tourist attractions in Mui Ne:

1. Rang Beach

Rang Beach is one of the most beautiful beach shacks in Mui Ne. The long strip of golden sand combined with greenery of coconut trees. Fishing ships of locals operate in every morning. All of those things offer a feeling of peace and comfort in the first visit. The breathtaking white-sand beaches combine with stunning stones of coral fossil. It also makes a unique highlight to this pretty islet.

rang beach

2. Rom Islet

Rom islet is a tourist attraction in Vietnam because of not only its name but also its natural features. In dry season, many parts of islet are transformed into the blond – the color of “rom”- a traditional material of Vietnamese people for cooking and farming. For this reason, the islet is literally called “Hon Rom”. Along with rustic beauty, the islet owns a secluded stretch of white-sand beach with 17 km in length. So this place is one of the most favorite choices for visitors to enjoy the sublime landscapes and outdoor activities on the beach. On the islet, you can discover a various kind of natural terrain: from beautiful beaches to rugged stone strip along the coastline or attractive golden sand dunes.

rom islet

3. Nghe Islet

Nghe Islet is a wonderful laidback for a beach holiday in Phan Thiet. Escaping from the bustling life of a big city, you can discover the beauty of wild nature with a harmonious combination of forests and significant seascapes. Taking a stroll on the seashore of Nghe islet, it is likely that the peace of island overwhelms visitors’ soul. The playful waves slightly swash into the coastline. Faraway, the simple fishing rafts of locals gather on the sea surface, which is similar to a small village on the sea.

nghe islet

4. Mui Ne Sand Hill

Mui Ne Sand Hill is one of the rare places in Vietnam, where own picturesque impressive sand dunes. The color of sand dunes changes in different time of a day, which brings to us different views of sand hill’s beauty. In particular, the hill is a favorite site for photographers to catch the liveliest pictures about daily activities of local people. With the rugged sand dunes, everyone has a wonderful opportunity to take part in outdoor activities such as sand sliding or motor racing.

mui ne sand dunes

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5. Duc Thanh School

If you have an interest in Vietnamese history, Duc Thanh School is an ideal place for you to discover the period of Vietnam education in the past time. After Temple of Literature in Ha Noi, Duc Thanh school is one of the most ancient schools where nurtures many Vietnamese generations in the French colonist in the 20th century. The school’s architecture reminds us of the Vietnamese ancient houses in the feudalism with brick-titled roofs, wooden beams and pillars, and the surrounding of a pretty garden.

duc thanh school

6. Mui Ne Fishing Village

Stretching about 1km along Phan Thiet’s coastline, Mui Ne Fishing Village is one of most ideal places for your beach holiday. Walking on the white sand beach of the fishing village, you can enjoy the breeze of the ocean and the authentic life of the locals. Every morning, the seashore is full of seafood, which is caught by the fishing ships or basket boats. When sunset comes back, the beach is extremely peaceful with hundreds of basket boats mooring along the coastline near the village. Besides, you can taste fabulous fresh seafood of locals right on the village or in some impressive restaurants along the seashore.

mui ne fishing village

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