Vietnam is the Best Place for Motobike Tour

7 Reasons Why Vietnam is the Best Place for Motorbike Tour

Melissa Auf der Maur, a Canadian musician, once said that: “Sure, give me an adventure and I’ll ride it”. For such a fantastic place filled with magnificent routes, perhaps she will immediately decide to join in a motorbike tour in Vietnam and start her adventure. Since there are literally a dozen reasons why should adventurers explore the country on a bike, here are the top 7:

1. Most of the country is covered with Hills, Mountains

Widely known as the best Asia country with challenging landforms, Vietnam offers some of the best routes deep in the mountainous area. Tourists on a motorbike will have to apply all of their best skills on a motorbike in order to maneuver safely. Take a bike and travel through the rugged path into the forests, on the steep hills, depending on your own ability and sense of adventure. It will certainly not a walk in the park, but that is the charm of a motorbike tour.

Most of the country is covered with Hills, Mountains

2. Amazing Road System

Traveling on road in Vietnam, you will have a chance to try the complex road system in the country. At one time you may on the National Road, after a while, you may end up on a completely unknown route with no local buses. Google Map may help you to some extent, however, having a tour guide will allow you to discover every knit and knack in the region.

The Most Developed Type of Transportation in the Country

3. Beautiful Surrounding Landscape on the way

Perhaps the most dangerous thing is not the curved routes, the side of steep hills or the rough local path rather the beautiful landscape. During your motorbike trip in Vietnam, it is easy to lose concentration by looking at the scenery, thus you should make a few stops for sightseeing.

Enjoy the Stop near a Wonderful Waterfall

So what will you encounter on a motorbike tour? Mostly ranges of mountains, vast blue sky, green or golden rice paddy fields, an impressive lake, and waterfalls. Moreover, one advantage of a motorbike tour is that you will have an experienced local tour guide who knows the best photographic spot.

4. Rich culture, especially in Local Ethnic Villages

As you bike in the Northern Vietnam or any mountainous area, numerous home of local ethnic people can be a nice place for resting. They are not used to the sight of foreigners, but their friendliness and hospitality are top-notch. At night, adventurers can enjoy a hearty dinner with the host and share wonderful stories with local people.

Authentic Local Festival

Otherwise, their villages provide an excellent stop to witness the daily life of the people. Although small in population, their customs and culture have existed through generations. In a motorbike tour, the guide can help you convey the questions for the local as well, making it possible to learn more about the place.

5. Food is great in every corner, even in Remote Areas

Each province in Vietnam has different signature dishes and available everywhere to enjoy. Most of the time, you will sit down and relax on a plastic stool in a simple food store. With fresh organic ingredients, the fantastic meal presented in great quality will allow you to fully refill energy for the next adventure. Foods will never be an issue in Vietnam as they are varied and suitable for different kind of diners.

Enjoy the Delectable Vietnamese Dish

6. Vietnam is the Heaven of Motorbike

It is believed that few places in the world can match the love for motorbike like in Vietnam. It is convenient, easy to use, cheap and free. As a result, there are a lot of motorbike shops in Vietnam on the way. If you have little knowledge about the mechanical problem, you can stop at a shop and let them handle the issue. Again, traveling with a tour guide will ensure your communication with the local go smoothly.

Almost All Vietnamese Citizens Owns a Motorbike

7. A Total Freedom

Freedom is certainly something that people lack in the modern life – there are too many responsibilities and problems ahead. Usually, our life is influenced or led by someone else, but not during a motorbike tour. You can choose where to rest when to stop, which direction to travel. Everything is on your helmet and the world is yours to discover. So why don’t you make an escape in the remote area of Vietnam and feel the freedom everyone deserves sometimes?

Free to Do What You Desire

After knowing why should you choose a motorbike tour, time to learn about these top 5 destinations for a motorbike trip in Vietnam

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