Sapa – The Wonderland in the North of Vietnam

It is no doubt that Sapa is one of the must-visit destinations in Vietnam with the charming and magnificent scenery of the North. For those who plan to explore this outstanding location, we will share all the information about this little wonderland in the country.

Things to Do and See in Sapa

The region is blessed by mother nature since it has the most attracting landscape of mountain area in Vietnam. As a result, this is a great opportunity for you to escape the busy life and immerse in the tranquility of nature.

Sapa 1

There may be lots of activities which attract you, but if you come to Sapa without contemplating the vast mountains, hills, and forests, then it would be a huge waste. Trekking around and capture all the breathtaking scenes to your eyes and camera. Otherwise, we recommend you to visit Muong Hoa valley, multiple waterfalls, Tram Ton pass and the great Fansipan mountain.

The Misty Town

Muong Hoa Valley, one of 5 best valleys in Vietnam, is a special place for people who love to witness the scene and discover the strange and ancient stone with unknown carving. Scientists think that they are the products of ethnic groups in the distant past and remain in this location. For adventurous souls, you can conquer the highest peak in Vietnam which is the Fansipan Mountain. Few days of hiking and the unforgettable heaven on the top will surely have a mark in your memories. If you do not possess decent endurance and strength, feel free to take the Fansipan legend cable car to the top.

Tourists Can Book a Muong Hoa Valley Trekking Tour

Sapa is also famous for its extremely charming waterfalls, namely Silver Waterfall (or Thac Bac). About 15 km from the center of Sapa, tourists have to spend 30 minutes on bus or motorbike before encounter the steam pouring down surrounded by forests. This is a famous destination for both foreign and domestic tourists.

The Silver Waterfall

This region is also the home of several Vietnamese ethnic groups such as Giay, Tay, Dao and Hmong. Therefore, it is important to learn about their rich culture and customs in your travel to Vietnam. The best way to archive that is to visit their villages around the mountainous area. Visit Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai and Giang Ta Chai village and see the life of the local up-close. You may also get the chance to contemplate the beautiful terrace fields during harvest time and various activities of villagers.

Local Villagers Resting

Other than that, visitors can travel to the unique local markets which hardly resemble anywhere in the world.  Can Cau Market & Bac Ha Market are two recommended places for tourists to visit. In these locations, all kinds of product are being sold including textiles, brocade, agricultural goods and even livestock. It is always entertaining to immerse in the bustling market and witness a hundred animals of the region especially the unique black pig in Sapa. Additionally, shopping is recommended since the price is cheap and you can make a bargain if you want.

If you want to experience the atmosphere in these markets, let us help you with our Can Cau and Bac Ha Markets Tour

Bac Ha Market in the Weekend

For more exciting experience, motorbike and bicycle are available for rent at 4$-10$/day (Depend on the season and bike). However, as soon as you travel through the magnificent land of Sapa, you cannot forget the feelings of exploration. Moreover, the difficulty is varied making this means of traveling suitable for a great number of people.

Motorbike Trip around the Region

If you don’t have many ideas about where to visit in Sapa, then you should have a quick glance at the top 7 best places in Sapa.

Best places to stay in Sapa

When coming to Sapa, we recommend you to pick a homestay or ecolodge due to the natural experience in those places.

In term of homestay, there are Ta Van Ecologic Homestay, Ms. May Kieu’s Homestay, Phori’s House and few more options. The most wonderful factor in those homestays is that you can interact with local people easily while having basic amenities.

Ms. May Kieu's Homestay

Otherwise, you are advised to take a look at Topas Ecolodge and Nam Cang Riverside Lodge. Each one has distinguishable feature, both disadvantages and advantages.

Topas Ecolodge at Night

Since it is hard to include everything in one topic, you should check out our other post about top 6 best homestays & ecolodges in Sapa for more information.

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