Tam Coc

Tam Coc – The Trinity of Outstanding Cave System

Listed in the top 7 best caves in Vietnam, Tam Coc is certainly one of the main attractions in Ninh Binh and remains as one of the best places to contemplate the beauty of Ninh Binh’s untouched nature. This time, we will explore all details about this wonderful location for your travel to Vietnam.

Things to Do and See in Tam Coc

As mentioned, you can capture the magnificent sceneries of the region while going on a boat trip to Tam Coc which is among the top 10 places to visit in Ninh Binh. It is no doubt that this is the best ways to enjoy the wild environment in Ninh Binh.

From the center port, you will board a wooden boat and venture on the calm river through mountains and especially caves. Tam Coc is literary 3 Caves in Vietnam, consisting of Ca Cave, Hai Cave, and Ba Cave. As a result, one of the main highlights of your travel will be the exploration of those caves. Not only you will discover the unique position of Tam Coc (inside mountains) but also contemplate the allure of Vietnamese cave system including strange stalactite formations.

Venture Deep into the Cave

However, that is not the only impressive wonder that you will see in Tam Coc. There is a wide range of limestone mountains providing habitat for regional fauna and flora. We recommend you to bring a camera to save all the outstanding scenes on the way to share with friends and families. It is a perfect chance to learn about why Trang An Landscape Complex become the UNESCO World Heritage by joining our Trang An & Bai Dinh Pagoda Tour.

Magnificent Landscape

On the peaceful Ngo Dong River, you will both view splendid nature but also witness the beauty of Vietnamese creation for hundreds of years. When you looking on the side of the river, it is possible to contemplate the vast rice fields grow by local people. At first, tourists may ignore this common feature of Vietnam yet it is added to the multiple colors of Tam Coc. During harvest time, all the rice fields brighten the space with their yellow along with the sunshine. From the other time, they seemingly blend into the green of the wild on mountains. Additionally, there are many shrines built under limestone mountains if you are interested.

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Vast Rice Fields on the Side

On the other hand, because the boat is one of the main means of transportation in Ninh Binh, it is not difficult to encounter some locals paddling on the way. They will present you with foods and drinks to enjoy while traveling.

Recommended Nearby Attractions and Places to Stay

Travel to Ninh Binh, you would not like visiting only Tam Coc, but other famous sites as well. After finishing the trip in Three Caves, Bich Dong Pagoda, Thung Nang or Thung Nham can easily be reached.

Bich Dong is a pagoda complex, which is the best example of architecture in Ninh Binh. You will explore 3 pagodas built under the limestone mountain and climb to the top to view the landscape of Ninh Binh. It is a fantastic location to discover one-of-a-kind traditional pagoda style of Vietnam.

Bich Dong Pagoda

For nature lovers, Thung Nang and Thung Nham will be ideal locations. Thung Nang (the valley of sunshine) is extremely famous for the untouched environment of Ninh Binh. Various photography opportunities are available during your boat trip. Otherwise, Thung Nham is the most excellent location to watch a wide variety of birds in Ninh Binh. You can either travel by boat or climb the hill to view at a vantage point and take pictures.

Thung Nham Bird Park

In terms of accommodation, we advised you to book a room at Ninh Binh Legend Hotel or Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort. Both are preferable choices if you desire to stay near Tam Coc. Ninh Binh Legend Hotel offers modern facilities and design for tourists while Tam Coc Rice Fields aims at the most authentic atmosphere among the nature of the region. For more ideas about accommodations in Ninh Binh, feel free to read this post.

Beautiful Room in Ninh Binh Legend Hotel

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