Homestays & Ecolodges in Sapa

Top 6 Homestays & Ecolodges in Sapa

Sapa is a wonderful destination that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. However, your experience will be further increased by having a great resting place during your Sapa tours. Apart from hotels in Sapa, there is another choice which promises to bring you unique experiences in every single minute – Homestay. Continue reading as we show you the 6 best homestays & ecolodges in Sapa.

1. Topas Ecolodge

This ecolodge is considered themselves to be “not for everyone” as some people absolutely love it while others not so much. Nonetheless, it does not mean that Topas Ecolodge is not an ideal location for your travel to Vietnam.

Topas Ecolodge

First of all, this ecolodge is a total escape from the city, even from the developing city of Sapa. As a result, you will have a total relaxation in the magnificent scenery of the region. There are almost none modern devices, but tourists will be offered with the utmost experience with local and nature. Simply sit down and watch the beautiful landscape up on the hill in the authentic lodges.

Enjoy the Magnificent Landscape

Nevertheless, you can find a lot of things to do during your stay in Topas Ecolodge. It is possible to request for a campfire and a unique hilltop BBQ dinner with friends and family. For entertainment, tourists can visit the newly opened Spa or enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the bar and have a glass of wine.

Beautiful Room and Comfy Beds

2. Ta Van Ecologic Homestay

As a family house in the local village, Ta Van Ecologic Homestay has been receiving guest for many years by their hospitality and friendliness. This location promises to bring the most genuine experience of the villagers’ life to visitors.

Ta Van Ecologic Homestay

Although located in the village, you will be presented with a good selection of equipment and facilities. There are a private bathroom, showers and free Wifi to ensure the most basic needs of nowadays travelers. Tourist can have local foods outside the homestay or join in the hearty meal with the host’s family for a small additional cost.

Watching Local Working

During leisure time, motorbikes can be rented for you to explore Sapa or trek to other villages in order to learn about the rich culture and customs. Few handicraft shops are available as well allowing guests to buy souvenirs for family.

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Cozy Room in Ta Van Ecologic

3. Ms. May Kieu’s Homestay

This homestay runs by a little family and the extremely nice host, Ms. May Kieu, who wanted to bring the real Sapa to tourists and support her children future. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to know the life of the local family.

Ms. May Kieu's Homestay

Even though Ms. May Kieu is just a typical house in the village, there are modern facilities such as bathrooms, hot water shower, herbal bathtub and so on. Moreover, staying in her homestay will be an opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of ethnic groups. Using the foods grown directly by the family, delicious and fresh meal is offered to guests in the homestay.

The Authentic Homestay

In term of activities, you can visit Ta Phin Village nearby to explore the beauty of nature, the wild caves, and customs. It is also great to go shopping in nearby markets and find a nice memento during the holiday. After the tiring day, the traditional herbal bath of Red Dao people will surely make you forget all the worry.

Products Made by Her Family

4. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

Different than Ms. May Kieu’s Homestay, Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is operated by a large family of 6 people for a few years. The peaceful lodges await you alongside with the hospitality of the host.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

Lies next to the charming river, Nam Cang Lodge allows tourist to immerse in the heart of the mountains in Sapa. You can encounter the various scene of local working, children playing near the river and the fauna, flora in the jungle.

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Great Place to Sit Down and Relax

All private lodge is furnished with basic amenities like comfy beds, bug nests, shower, and western style toilets. Even though there are not a lot of activities in this remote area, tourists may want to venture around the forests and mountains to discover the diverse ecosystem of the region.

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5. Eco Palms House

Tourists who want to stay in a fully-equipped and still able to enjoy the authentic atmosphere in the mountainous area in Sapa may want to consider Eco Palms House. It is not only situated in the local village but also offers excellent services and facilities.

Eco Palms House

Your bungalows are based on the houses of the ethnic groups in the region. All of them has a nice view of the terrace fields and hills in Sapa, adding to your natural experience. Additionally, there are traditional dresses for tourist to wear and visit nearby markets like villagers.

Delicious Local Meal

Eco Palm House is not a resort and situated in a remote area, thus you cannot find modern equipment such as TV, telephone or Wifi in the room. However, many activities can be arranged by the host like the relaxing in the Spa, participating in the cooking class or daily sunset cocktails.

Rest in the Nature of Sapa

6. Phơri’s House

If you want to find a small and stylish location for your trip to Sapa, Phơri’s House is becoming popular among Vietnamese young people. The house is created by a passionate female owner and she is not originated from Sapa. The houses are built with very simple principles: freedom and cozy.

Phơri’s House

The rooms are the highlight of Phơri’ House as they are decorated really beautiful and unique. Even the exterior of the house is impressive enough to attract lots of tourist at first glance. The owner had also carefully pick a location near the small stream and the terrace fields where visitors can rest or read a book. It is a perfect opportunity for you to release the stress and worry from the modern day.

Outdoor Bathroom

One interesting point about the homestay is that you can cook by yourself instead of recommending an excellent place to eat or served with the local meal. Moreover, the beverage such as tea, coffee, and wine are available for anyone who interests. The price is reasonable for a cute, little house in the traditional village in Sapa. Now it’s time for you to pick one for yourself to enjoy the adventure to Sapa to the fullest. For more useful info and tips, please check out our Sapa Travel Guide.

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