Reasons to Travel to Vietnam

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam

In these recent years, Asian has become one of the most-visited destinations all over the world, which draws a considerable number of travelers each tourist period. Among all countries in this area, Vietnam is currently on the list of top 5 places that international visitors love to come. And of course, it is no coincidence that the number of travelers visiting this land has shot up to the sky years by years. If you’re wondering why this beautiful S-shaped country can capture the hearts of tourists, then our post below will give you the answers. Follow Excursion Vietnam now to see some key reasons that make you want to travel to Vietnam immediately.

1. Spectacular Landscapes

When mentioning Vietnam, certainly visitors cannot forget the imprint of spectacular landscapes. Despite not having famous world-wide attractions like Niagara Falls or Grand Canyons, Vietnam still leaves a strong impression with towering mountains, picturesque cities, and natural beauties.

Phenomenal landscape in Lan Ha Bay

If you’ve ever come to this S-shaped country, you certainly are bothered by authentic French mansions surrounded by dense pine forests and strawberry gardens in Dalat. You also cannot forget about the towering cliffs and the golden vast terraced fields where you have a chance to witness the laborious beauty of locals living in harmony with nature in mountainous regions like Sapa.

Exploring Son Doong - The World's Largest Cave

Not to mention a wide range of World Heritages such as Halong Bay with a great number of limestone islands and islets in different shapes and sizes, Phong Nha – Ke Bang – a land of magnificent and majestic caves including the largest cave on earth Son Doong; or Hoi An – a popular destination where travelers can dive in the ancient vibe of authentic Vietnamese old villages

Japanese Bridge

2. Stunning Beaches

Coming to Vietnam, travelers will also be treated with an extensive list of gorgeous beaches stretching from North to South. For examples, Nha Trang beaches where you can surf on foaming waves; Mui Ne beaches that bring you a wild sense or Da Nang beaches where you can have high-class experience. To be fair, this S-shaped country is the heaven of beaches: the water is all turquoise and crystal clear, the sandbars are silky white and smooth, the sunlight always shines brightly, and the air is so fresh.

Nha Trang - One of the best beaches in the world

If you’re dealing with pressure from your workflow or stress from your daily life, Vietnam beach holidays will erase all of your worries and tiresomeness. There are tons of activities and services here which are ready to serve the most fastidious customers at a reasonable price. The seafood here is incredibly fresh, and you can enjoy delicious dishes made from them.

3. A Spiritual Journey

Moreover, the spiritual values are also preserved carefully in this S-shaped land. We can quickly spot out a lot of pagodas and temples in Vietnam. Hue city is a great example. Travel to Hue, visitors will be lost in a spiritual world of monuments, temples, and pagodas. It could be mentioned The Tu temple, Khai Dinh Monument, Tu Duc Monument, Thien Mu Pagoda as the most-visited attractions here.

Hue is the kingdom of ancient citadels and structures

Moreover, since Buddhism influences most people in Vietnam, they also have a habit of worshipping gods and genies on specific days, too. Also, there are a lot of oral-transmission legends and tales related to different destinations in Vietnam. Fortune-tellers and necromancers are also a distinct trait here.

4. Flavorful Street Food

Another reason why Vietnam is so attractive is the delicious and mouth-watering delicacies. Each region in Vietnam has a unique cuisine, which brings back a diverse culinary journey to visitors.

If Hanoi – the center of North side’s cuisine is famous for sophisticated dishes such as Pho, Thang Rice Noodle or Bun Cha; then the Central Region is renowned for delicacies like Banh Beo, Khoai Cake, Hue Beef Vermicelli, Nem Lui. On the other hand, with tons of popular dishes such as My Tho Noodles, Mam Hotpot, Long Xuyen Raw Neem, Mekong Delta Cuisine is rural and fresh.

The Cuisines in Vietnam are not only cheap but also delectable

The street food in Saigon – one of the most bustling cities in Vietnam also create a strong impression towards travelers. Their dishes taste much more flavorful than other regions in Vietnam owing to using a lot of spices seasoned into the ingredients. We can mention Saigon Broken Rice, Fish Noodles, Nam Vang Noodles, Fried Flour or Mixed Girdle-Cake as the most famous delicacies here.

5. Unique Culture

Besides these things above, Vietnam is also a kingdom filled with traditional values. We can easily find the impact of them through tons of traditional festivals everywhere along the country such as Cam Muong Festival (Lai Chau – Northside), Huong Pagoda Festival (Phu Tho – Northside), Lim Festival (Bac Ninh – Northside), Cau Ngu Festival (Thua Thien Hue – Central Region), Ba Den Mountain Festival (Tay Ninh – Southside), and so many more. Also, the traditional values are reflected by the local lifestyle in Hanoi or Hoi An ancient street with Ao dai flying in the wind. Small alleys filled with street vendors are always the remarks of these cities.

Festival in Vietnam

As Buddhism strongly influences people in Vietnam, every family has an altar where they worship genies such as the Land Genie, the Stove Genie on full-moon days or the first days of months according to the lunar calendar. Locals also offer food and fruits as a gift for the dead members of the family to memorize them on the dates of their death.

6. Friendly Locals

People in Vietnam are also hospitable and friendly. Whether you know Vietnamese or not, if you need support, locals here are always willing to help you with warming smiles on their faces and opened arms. In each region, you will discover the unique characteristics of people living there. For examples, people in Hue is famous for their graceful and charming attitude while locals in Hoi An are very honest. On the other hand, Hanoi people are exquisite and polite.

Ethnic children

Meanwhile, Saigon people are straight and gentle. Also, if you have a chance to take any Mekong Delta Tours, you’ll realize the generosity and hospitality of people here. Although each city and region has their distinct traits, they are all welcoming and friendly.

7. Low Cost

The cost in Vietnam is also a reason why travelers love to come here. It’s incredibly affordable here as this S-Shaped country is sitting in the list of top 10 cheapest destinations in the world. The traveling costs, as well as personal fees, are so reasonable as a street dish is only $1 – $5 which equals 23,000 VND to 120,000 VND.

You can literally have the most fabulous experience with $15 per day (about 330,000 VND). For high-quality services, the typical cost for a 5-star resort in Danang equals a 3-star hotel near JFK airport. The comparison above is also the living proof of the low price in Vietnam.

Do you believe it? This jampacked Banh Mi costs around $1

8. Easy and Fast Immigration Procedures

While traveling, the immigration procedures are also an annoying process. In other countries, it would take you forever to make an appointment with the Embassy, ask for a visa, prove your financial status, prove your purpose, and so on. Immigration procedures in Vietnam are different. To be fair, it’s effortless and fast to travel Vietnam. To come to this S-shaped country, you just need a passport or identity papers that are equivalent to passports and a valid visa provided by an official agency in Vietnam. That’s all. No time is taken or complicated processes needed.

Easy and Fast Immigration Procedures

9. Idyllic Life

Of course, not only will you enjoy the bustling vibe in big tourist cities in Vietnam, but you can also experience a slower pace of life here. There are a lot of villages in the countryside that you can stop by. Imagine the green range of bamboos, the appearance of golden haystacks, the sound of flutes, the image of flying kites as well as the leisurely buffaloes and cows among golden rice paddles. You will only experience the sound of people calling each other in villages, the aglow fireplace, and ascending smoke from rural dishes. Everything reflects an idyllic yet relaxing life. If you’re satiated with crowded streets and busy places, then Vietnamese villages will be a treat for you. No more tumultuous horn sounds, no more skyscrapers; just you, nature, and the peaceful space remain.

Idyllic Life

10. Peculiar Experience

Last but not least, coming to Vietnam, travelers will have a lot of beautiful memories that they cannot find anywhere else. This charming country gives you every kind of experience you wish to try. Where else that could you experience living with a family in Northern Sapa Mountains, exploring magnificent caves with sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, fishing fishes and squids in the middle of the night? Which countries could you find flower fields, windy highlands, and green lawns all in one destination? Nowhere but Vietnam.

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Vietnamese farmers working on a salt field

To sum it up, with all of the reasons above, unquestionably, Vietnam is a worth-to-visit country that you have to come at least once in your life. If you’re searching for a destination to travel for your next holidays, why don’t you consider this incredible country? Even if you haven’t had a clear vision of what to do in Vietnam, your trip can still be fantastic! Check out our Vietnam travel guide for more useful travel tips!

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