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Vietnamese New Year 2024: Top Places to Visit on Tet Holiday

For Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese New Year – Tet is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year combined in one. It is the biggest holiday in the country. And it is always a wonderful experience to visit Vietnam during the Lunar New Year holiday.

For those still consider to or not put Vietnam in the bucket list, please read top 10 reasons to travel to Vietnam. For those planning to spend your trip to Vietnam, especially on this special occasion, you will need to read this guide. Here you can find top Vietnam destinations to visit on Lunar New Year 2024.

What is Tet?

Also known as Tet Nguyen Dan, Vietnamese New Year must be the most important Vietnamese Holidays of the year, which starts from the first days of January in Lunar Calendar. Vietnamese people take it as a celebration of the spring. There is no exact date for Tet in Gregorian calendar. It usually falls from the end of January to the middle of February. This time of the year is especially for families’ and friends’ reunion. Vietnamese people spend one or two weeks before Tet for the preparation. In Tet holiday, people wish for luck and wealth in the new year, avoid bad luck, and forget the past troubles.

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What to Expect in The Vietnamese Lunar New Year

1. Busy market before Tet

Two weeks before Tet, the streets and local markets are even busier than usual, everybody goes shopping and preparing for Vietnamese New Year. You will love to see people carrying kumquat trees, peach trees, and flowers on the back of their motorbikes. It is ideal to go out these days to enjoy the festivities, buy some Tet decorations to hang in your hotel room, and put some “lucky money” in red envelopes.

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2. ABBA music everywhere

You may hear ABBA’s Happy New Year over and over again in many houses, hotels, restaurants, and shops during these days. The ambiance is then very retro, still quite fun at the same time.

3. Quiet streets in 2 days of Tet

As most people come back to their hometown to spend the holidays, Hanoi becomes very quiet. Still, many restaurants remain open during Tet. After wandering through the quiet city, you can still find a good meal.

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Where to Go on Vietnamese New Year 2024

1. Hanoi

It is great to spend your time visiting Hanoi during Tet holiday. One week before Tet, Hanoi becomes very busy and festive. Streets look vibrant and markets are full of foods and produce. You can walk around the Hanoi Old Quarter, especially Hang Ma Street to enjoy the festive atmosphere in anticipation of Tet. You will also love to wander your feet around Hoan Kiem Lake, observe unique Tet customs and watch fireworks in New Year’s Eve.

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In the two days of Tet, the whole city seems to sleep. But you will definitely like the comfortable weather and quiet atmosphere. It’s time to relax and pay yourself a retreat.

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2. Sapa

Sapa is known for the mountainous landscapes and cultural diversity. If you feel like totally immersed into the local Tet traditions, taking any Sapa Tours on Tet Holiday is then a perfect choice. People in rural areas celebrate Tet in a different way. They have different foods during Tet and it’s amazing to try them. The highlight of Tet in Sapa is always the market. They have markets for foods, local produce, and even for love. Young people come to the love market, make friends, play traditional games, and most importantly, look for their other half.

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3. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a beach heaven. If you would like to spend your Tet under the sun and calm beach, go to Nha Trang. This city is also full of luxurious hotels, spas, and resorts. It is suitable for a retreat while still being able to enjoy the local celebration of Lunar New Year. The urban atmosphere, white-sand beaches, greeny islands, adrenaline-rushing activities, you have them all in Nha Trang. Many restaurants open during Tet holiday here, so there should not be any worry about finding a place to eat.

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4. Hue

Hue is the historic capital of Vietnam, which lays next to a majestic Perfume River. It is a small city, yet its complex history has earned a lot of reputation and recognition. The area is most known for the Citadel, where you can learn a great deal about Vietnamese history and culture. The complex of tombs, pagodas, and palaces in Hue has been recognized and protected by UNESCO.

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Joining one of our Hue Tours is a perfect choice to throw yourself in a vintage ambiance. There are so many cultural and historical stories here about the struggles and wars that Vietnamese people have been through.

5. Hoi An

Yellow houses in bougainvillea, vintage shops selling silk, lanterns, fantastic Banh Mi, there are whole lot more things you can experience when traveling to Hoi An. Especially during Tet holiday, Hoi An will become more festive and colorful. Hoi An is riverside oldtown, it looks like a picture postcard of a Vietnamese country town. UNESCO has preserved the beauty of its unique mix in the architecture. Visiting Hoi An, some highlights in your trip may include a Vietnamese cooking class, long-tailed boat trip, food tour, spa sessions, and of course relaxing on the Hoi An beaches.

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6. Ho Chi Minh City

The city of motorbikes, the busiest city of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh is another option for the list of Vietnam destinations to visit on Lunar New Year. This city has basically everything for you to learn about Vietnam. Museums, parks, local restaurants, beer streets, you will love them all.

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During Tet Holiday, Ho Chi Minh City is still hot and humid. But most of the daytime will be sunny, which is perfect to go out and celebrate. People love to dress up these days and you will love seeing the crowds in colorful traditional clothes. Hence, any Ho Chi Minh Tours during this period surely offers you a great chance to see a rarely peaceful city, learn more about daily lifestyle of Southern Vietnamese people.

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Above are the top 6 places to go during the Tet holiday in Vietnam 2024. Spending your time here is a beautiful experience to learn and enjoy Vietnamese cultural highlights. For more useful tips and travel ideas, feel free to check out our Vietnam Travel Guide!

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