Best Places to Enjoy Sunset in Vietnam

Viewing sunset is the most peaceful and serene feeling one can ever have. Sunset is one amazing natural sight which can hardly be described in words. If you want to enjoy the best places to view sunset, then Vietnam must be in your travel hitlist. Vietnam has some remarkable landscape backdrops from which to watch the sunset is a treat. Let me tell you about best places to enjoy sunset in Vietnam. 

1. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful landscapes to view sunset in Vietnam. The beauty of the waters of Halong Bay is captivating enough to rob all hearts. The bay is surrounded by Limestone Mountains with over 2000 islands. When the sun fades away behind the jagged rocks, the beauty of Halong bay becomes majestic and magnificent. You can have an option to hire kayaks and explore the caves up close and personal yourself.

sunset in vietnam

2. Mui Ne

Let me get you to the sands from waters of Halong Bay. The white sand dunes are situated at less than 20 miles outside the south-eastern seaside town of Mui Ne. You can hire the jeeps or quad bikes to take you to the top of sandbanks. Mui Ne sand dunes are located next to the famous “White Lake” which gets covered with lotus flowers in summers. This lake adds beauty and charm to the dunes. You must get to the top of dunes and enjoy the spectacular sundown.

sunset in vietnam 2

3. Hoi An

Hoi An is the best place to enjoy Vietnam’s food but the culinary capital is also the most romantic place to enjoy sunset in Vietnam. The waterways in “Hoi An” are glorious and calm. Looking at sunset in Hoi An is sparkling while you paddle the boat along river. The twilight in Hoi Anmust be captured in your camera because it will be truly once in a lifetime day's endview.

sunset in vietnam 3

4. Chau Doc

Located in Southern Vietnam at the border side with Cambodia, Chau Doc is an attractive vantage point and countryside destination to view sunset in Vietnam. You can trek to 800 feet high Sam Mountains and enjoy the dramatic sunset over the Mekong Delta towards Cambodia. You can also see some parts of Cambodia and flooded padded fields from the top of Sam Mountains. The golden sun setting view over here takes you to an emotional and magical rollercoaster. 

sunset in vietnam 4

5. Sapa

Let me take you to the jungles of Vietnam to enjoy the pure beauty of twilight.Sapa is the most peaceful place to enjoy sunset in Vietnam.Trek on more than 5900 feet high Peak of Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa and enjoy the sunset from the top. The floating white clouds view is worth your walk to the top. The Sapa’sforest landscape becomes magical when sky turns orange during sundown. Imagine yourself seeing orange color of sky, white color of floating clouds and green color of jungle. Isn’t it something out of this world? I am sure you will be mesmerized by the nature’s beauty. 

sunset in vietnam 5

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