Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

Top 10 Best Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

The young and active city of Ho Chi Minh is always well-known for bustling streets and a wide range of activities. However, we recommend you to sit down and relax in one of the cafés in the city. As a result, we will introduce you the top 10 best cafes in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. I.D Café

Like a secret treasure in District 1 of the city, i.d café is a cozy little coffee shop creating a great atmosphere to escape the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh. Tourists coming here enjoy both the drinks and authentic Vietnamese cuisine in this place.

I.D Café

The highlight of this café is the view to Thu Khoa Huan street, so you can enjoy your drinks while contemplating the life of the local. For a quick snack, i.d café is also present with a good selection of dishes like spring rolls, salad, and even sandwiches. Moreover, the interior of the coffee shop is also worth mentioning for unique decorations and French architecture. This is an ideal location for your total relaxation before heading out and explore Ho Chi Minh.

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I.D Café 1

2. ABC Bakery & Café

Different from the first one, ABC Bakery & Café is not praised for the wonderful view and extremely good atmosphere, yet, it is famous for the cheap and reasonable price of cake and coffee.

ABC Bakery & Café

This place is located on Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1 and looks really modern at first glance. Most the pastries in ABC Bakery $ Café are followed the French style, though there are quite many foods invented by the staffs. Moreover, despite the low price (about 1$-2$), you will not be disappointed at the quality of the pastries nor the coffee in the bakery. Besides that, it is also possible to watch the street, however, it is not the highlight of this location.

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3. The Workshop

The Workshop can easily be the most wonderful modern café in Ho Chi Minh until now. The dedication and friendliness of the staffs are the most wonderful thing about the coffee shop and shown in the way they serve the customers.

The Workshop

Although using the word “luxurious” to describe this destination is quite exaggerating, the atmosphere in the Workshop is surprisingly friendly, nice and fresh. Without the need to copy Vietnamese traditional architecture, the interior is attracting enough with its excellent contemporary style. Moreover, the staffs here are determined to make the best products possible, thus making the foods and beverage the most fantastic factors in this destination. Since the location is quite hard to spot, it is advised to do a little bit research during your travel.

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The Workshop 1

4. Cong Caphe

Perhaps the opposite to The Workshop is Cong Caphe, a small coffee shop aiming to create the 80s feelings to the visitors. This cozy, relaxing destination will help you relieve the stress and worry while tasting the delicious coffee.

Cong Caphe

There are several outstanding things about Cong Caphe, but their coconut coffee is exceptional and remains a must-try in Cong Caphe. If you have not yet tasted this special drink, then do not waste any time. Other than that, as mentioned above, Cong Caphe is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere from the past through furniture and decorations from decades ago.

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Cong Caphe 1

5. Milkbar

Unless you only desire to the travel to Vietnamand drink the delectable coffee, then Milkbar will be an excellent choice on this list. Situated near the War Remnant Museum in District 3, this location will offer a resting location the peaceful moments with your friends or family.


The stylistic decorations are quite attractive for family, especially the children. The wooden house and equipment will also make the coffee shop more comfy than other generic cafés in the city. The strength of the shop is that they have some of the most one-of-a-kind milkshakes in Ho Chi Minh which is tremendously appealing to children. Come to Milkbar and create happy and unforgettable memories with your family.

6. Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Café

People often said that Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Café is just another coffee shop which imitates the famous Starbuck. However, we would say that the services and products are much better than the other.

Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Café

First of all, the price is incomparable with the beverage in Starbuck can be 2-3 times higher than in Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Café. In addition to the price, this coffee shop is presented with a huge number of drinks including Chinese Tea, Vietnamese Tea, and other variations. Finally, if you wish to buy the dried coffee as a souvenir, it is one of the major selling products in the shop.

Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Café 1

7. Chat Coffee Roasters & Bistro

Chat Coffee and Roasters & Bistro are regarded highly among coffee lovers in the world. The owner carefully selects the local green coffee beans before using them to make the freshly roasted cup of coffee for customers.

Chat Coffee Roasters & Bistro

For any café, it is always important to have a friendly manager and high-quality coffee, yet this place possesses both of the traits. In spite of the little bit high price, the foods, and drinks worth every penny of the diners which are extremely well-prepared from local ingredients. As a rustic coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh, Chat Coffee and Roasters & Bistro have everything that makes the best café: delectable dishes, excellent beverage and professional staffs.

8. M2C Bistro & Café

As a café and also bistro in the heart of the city, M2C is loved for its peacefulness and a huge selection of foods and drinks. Its mixture of western and Vietnamese style surprisingly makes the place warm and cozy.

M2C Bistro & Café

M2C Bistro & Café is not an extremely large and famed one like some others on the list rather a little-hidden gem in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. Some like the beverage, others adore the foods, but they all recommend the coffee and come back regularly. Alongside the tranquil atmosphere, it is a perfect destination to escape from the bustling Sai Gon and enjoy the great meal and slip a cup of coffee.

M2C Bistro & Café 1

Vietnam Excursionshope that we’ve just suggested you some great spot to enjoy a delectable cup of coffee in the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh. Choose one and experience if you’re around. For more useful information and tips for your upcoming trip to this beautiful city, don’t forget to check out Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide.

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