Top 5 Places for Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

If you have an opportunity for a Vietnam trip, enjoying a motorcycle tour certainly offers wonderful impress about Vietnamese landscape in the most authentic way. Let follow us to discover top 5 best places for motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

1. Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a promised land for motorbikes because of its impressive beauty of landscapes and native cultures, featuring for ethnic minorities in mountainous area. Driving about 300 km from the center of Hanoi capital, the lands of Ha Giang attract tourists at the first visit by irresistible beauty. The immense pine trees of Yen Minh forests lure your soul immediately at the beginning time of trip. After that, you can take a short visit through the ancient houses in Ha Giang where closely attach with long standing history of ethnic people here and enjoy extremely beautiful valleys of this destination. The most ideal time for enjoying a motorcycle tours in Ha Giang is from October and November. It is the season of Buckweat – a wild flower in Ha Giang’s valley.  Terraced paddy fields and winding pass in Ha Giang are also worthy places to visit during your wonderful trip. 

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 1
A Beautiful View of Ha Giang's Mountains

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 2
A Woman and her Children among Wildflower Field

2. Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a must-see destination for your motorcycle tours, which is not only famous for sublime natural beauty but also invaluable historical values. After a long journey from Hanoi to Cao Bang, you will forget all tiredness because of enchanting scenery of Ban Gioc waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. From this place, you can visit natural sites such as Hang Then Lake. It seems that the Nature endowed a unique feature that you cannot find at the second place.    Due to the stormy season in the Northern Vietnam, the lake still remains attractive beauty with excellently turquoise water and the majestic mountains surround. Other places wonderful places in Cao Bang you may feel satisfied such as Pac Po historical area, Nguom Ngao cavern, and Phat Tich Pagoda.

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 3
Vietnamese Youth on the Path to Cao Bang 

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 4
An Impressive Pass in Cao Bang

3. Mu Cang Chai

Far about 280 km from the center of Hanoi Capital towards Northwestern, Mu Cang Chai is really a wonderful destination for gazing out the sublime beauty of terraced paddy fields. In harvesting season, all parts of paddy fields are transformed into yellow color of the ripe rice. The daily lifestyle of ethnic minorities in this destination along with the picturesque landscapes of nature certainly creates an unforgettable impress for your Mu Cang Chai motorcycle tours.

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 5
A Photo Shooting Spot in Mu Cang Chai

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 6
Mu Cang Chai in Harvesting Season

4. Sapa

Sapa is one of the famous mountainous areas in Vietnam with sublime beauty, which is a suitable choice for both trekking tours and motorcycle tours. Rising above 1600 m above sea level, the weather in Sapa is so comfortable for every trip around a year. In summer, Sapa becomes a wonderful destination for enjoying the most beautiful views of top terraced paddy fields in Vietnam. Because of its beauty, Sapa is covered with significant color of peach blossom – a traditional type of flower in Vietnam. Along with sightseeing, you can discover the diversity of native culture through traditional markets of ethnic minorities or taking a visit at your house to explore the amazing things about their practices and customs.

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 7
A Stunning Overview of Sapa from High Altitude

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 8
Ethnic People and Terraced Paddy Fields in Sapa

5. Lai Chau

Lai Chau is the final destination that we suggest for your Northern motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Located in the Northwestern Vietnam, it is home to 20 ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about Lai Chau is O Qui Ho Pass. The pass rises 2000m above sea level, situated on 2 provinces: Lai Chau and Lao Cai. O Qui Ho Pass, literally, is a special name of a Vietnamese birds but it is also attach with a tearful love story of a couple on the mountainous area. Besides, a trip to discover the multicultural identity of ethnic minority groups on this land is also a wonderful choice for motorbikers.

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 9
Lai Chau in a Smoggy Day

places for motorcycle tours in vietnam 10
The Sublime Panorama from O Qui Ho Pass