Best Time to Travel to Mai Chau

When is the Best Time to Travel to Mai Chau?

Which season is the best time to travel to Mai Chau? A question that many people are concerned when planning a Mai Chau travel. The article below will help you answer all your questions to prepare for your memorable Mai Chau Tours.

About Mai Chau Tourism

Located in the northwest of Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau is a land of convergence and exchange of many ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own identity and customs, contributing to the rich diversity of Vietnamese culture. With its geographical features, unique traditions, Mai Chau is an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

If you want to experience the real local life of Vietnamese people or consider between Mai Chau or Sapa, then paying a visit to this land is a great decision. Mai Chau – Hoa Binh is only about 140 km from Hanoi, halfway in comparison to Sapa. Make sure you already have ideas about how to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau depending on your interests.

Moreover, Mai Chau has 12 relics, including 5 relics recognized by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Hang Khoai (Xam Khoe), Hang Lang, Chieu Cave (Mai Chau town), Mo Luong Cave (Chieng Chau).

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In addition, Mai Chau is also home to the treasure of folk music of the Thai, Mong ethnic groups through festivals such as Cha Chieng, Cau Mua, Gau Tao … Centers of Community tourism such as Lac Village, Poom Coong Village, Van Village… Setting foot in Mai Chau Valley you will have plenty of time to discover the unique culture, admire natural beauties and taste mouth-watering cuisine.

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Ideal Time to Travel to Mai Chau

On which season should we travel to Mai Chau?

In general, the climate in Mai Chau is temperate and pleasant year-round thanks to the mountainous area. However, according to the experiences of many tourists, you should go to Mai Chau in the season of ripening rice or green rice fields when paddies create a picturesque spectacle all over the place.

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Mai Chau Travel in January, February, November & December

At this period of time, the weather in Mai Chau is just like other destinations in Northern Vietnam, which is very cold and drizzly. Besides, the temperature in Mai Chau can down to less than 16 degrees Celsius in winter. Remember to bring with your jacket, hat, gloves to always keep your body warm. However, at the beginning of spring, you will have a chance to contemplate the beautiful spectacles of peach blossom blooming.

Mai Chau travel in March, April, May, September, October

The period from March to May & September to October seems to be the best time to travel to Mai Chau. At this period, the temperature is just around 18 – 25°C, offering you the best condition to discover around and enjoy your trip. Moreover, March is the blooming season of Ban – a typical flower of the mountainous areas in northern Vietnam, which will cover Mai Chau mountains in a pure white as snow.

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Mai Chau Travel in June, July, August

In this period, the temperature is quite high, about 25 – 35°C, there might be rain sometimes. So, if you go to Mai Chau in this season, you should bring along sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, umbrellas, raincoats, etc. Excursion Vietnam recommends you to bring special shoes for walking or climbing to easily hike up the hills, along with insect repellent to prevent you from mosquitos and other mountainous bugs.

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When is the best and most attractive season to get to Mai Chau? Actually, You can visit Mai Chau on any season, but it is best to go to at the end of winter and early of spring. On summer months, Mai Chau got many different beauties, but it is really tired to travel under the sun’s heat.

What to do in Mai Chau during this time? In Winter or spring in Mai Chau, you can gather with friends on the fire, dance, taste some grill foods… Sleeping at the homestay in Lac Village is an interesting experience for the trip when you can learn a bit more about the life and customs of local ethnic people.

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Best Traditional Festivals in Mai Chau

  • Festival of Sen Ban, Sen Muong (Thai people), time: August in the lunar calendar.
  • Cau Mua Festival or Praying for Rain Festival (Thai people), time: April in the lunar calendar.
  • Cong Chieng Festival (Muong ethnic group), time: On Spring days & Vietnamese New Year
  • Long Tong Festival (Tay ethnic group), time: from 5th to 15th of January in the lunar calendar.

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Hopefully, the above consultants will help you answer the questions about the best time to visit Mai Chau. Also, you can also refer to Best Mai Chau Hotels & Resorts or see our  Mai Chau Travel Guide.

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