Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach – One of Romantic Symbols of Vietnamese Beaches

Located in Hue, Lang Co Beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2009 and also listed among 6 best places to visit in Hue. The beach is an ideal destination for visitors who want to find a laid-back behind the bustling pace of modern life. It is likely that Lang Co beach is a precious gift of Vietnamese people created by Nature. Let follow us to discover the interesting thing in this destination.

Lang Co Beach is situated in Phu Loc District, Hue province. It takes about 30 km from Danang city or 70km from the centre of Hue city to access this destination. With advantages of geography, it is extremely comfortable for tourists to visit other famous destinations in the central land of Vietnam such as Hoi An Ancient Town, Hue Forbidden City, and My Son sanctuary. The most suitable time for visit Lang Co beach is from April to July.

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Lang Co Beach owns a picturesque beauty with the perfect combination among lush forests, white sand beach, crystal sea water, and vast blue sky. All of those sceneries make us more attachable with nature. There is no noise from vehicles. There is no suffocating atmosphere of big cites. Instead, you can enjoy a comfortable space of tranquility and peace.

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In the summertime, Lang Co beach often keeps its temperature at the average of 25 degrees to 26 degrees while other regions can reach to above 40 degree. It is also a wonderful time for swimming, sunbathing and participating in other underwater activities. Imagine that you lie freely on the sublime sand beach, enjoy cool wind blowing from the enormous sea, and gaze out the peaceful landscapes in Lang Co beach. Certainly, it will release every concern about the outside world and brings a positive attitude for your soul.

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In fall, you can stroll along Lang Co beach and enjoy the magic panorama of this destination, which is covered by a dim fog. In the afternoon, every flock of birds slightly flies through the golden sky towards An Lap Lagoon. Coming to Lang Co beach, you may be a brand-new experience about not only the simple beauty of a tropical nation but also the attractive views of nature at sunset.

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If you want to have a beautiful panorama of Lang Co beach from high altitude, Hai Van Pass may be one of best choices for you. Hai Van pass has been a famous destination until a long time ago because of its appealing beauty. It rises about 500 m above sea level that you can enjoy the whole stunning scenery of peaceful city and Lang Co beach below. Its beauty is also an endless inspiration for Vietnamese poets in the previous time. Winding roads connecting transportation among the North and the South of Vietnam certainly offers a breathtaking feeling for every tourist at the first visit to this destination.

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Bach Ma national park is also a must-see destination when you have a vacation time in Lang Co beach. It is about 30 km from Lang Co beach. It is one of the top national parks in Vietnam, which has a high level of biodiversity. With its irresistible beauty, the French built the beautiful mansions in 19th century on its peak.

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Lap An Lagoon is an attractive destination lying closely to Lang Co beach. Within a radius of 15 km2, the lagoon hides a romantic beauty that you may not ever witness before. Along with enjoying extremely charming views at sunset, visitors also have precious opportunity to discover the daily life of local people and their daily activities on the lagoon. Their life mainly depends on fishing and some of them grow sea creatures on the lagoon to earn money for their family.

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