Mekong River Cruises

Mekong River Cruises – Different Experience for Luxury Holiday to Indochina

Ranking #4 in top 5 river cruising routes voted by Telegraph in 2015, Mekong river cruises are now more and more popular to tourists who love the leisure travelling. A river cruise on Mekong is not a normal trip, it’s a lifetime chance to experience brand new things of Indochina that you have never seen before.

Reasons Why You Should Cruise on Mekong River

As one of the best cruising routes in Asia, Mekong Cruise is great opportunity for you to explore the rich culture and customs of multiple regions and countries. From Vietnam to Cambodia or Laos to China, with any itinerary, you always find something new about an Asian country with its authentic culture because all itineraries of luxury Mekong river cruise are designed to take you to untouched places.

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Moreover, with a cruise on Mekong, you also have chance to enjoy the most delicious local cuisines. On some ships like Jahan Cruise and Jayavarman Cruise, many tasty local foods are served during meals which surely will give you great dining time.

Additionally, Mekong river travel by cruise is different from cruises in Europe. Instead of taking passenger to modern destinations, Mekong cruise will bring you to the places highlighted with nature where you see no hustle and bustle during the river expedition.

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Best Time to Cruise Mekong River

The ideal time for a cruise on Mekong is in the dry season lasting from November to the end of April. However, the period from November to January seems to be the best as it is the coolest time of year after a wet season. In this time, you will not see the heavy rains, only clear sky and calm water instead.

Actually, the wet season is also good time for Mekong river cruises for those who prefer the itineraries taking you deeper to flooded forests and get exhaustive look at local daily life. It rains everyday but only in around 1 hour in the afternoon.

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Tips to Choose Your Best Mekong River Cruise

1. Having decision on how many days you want for your cruise is the first advice when planning your trip

Depending on your schedule, each cruise has its own itinerary which will be suitable for your holiday. For example if you have only 1, 2 or 3 days for cruise on Mekong, you should take cruise on the Mekong river in 1 country only: only in Vietnam, only in Cambodia or only in Laos.

From Vietnam to Cambodia (and vice versa): If you have about 4, 5 or 6 days, itinerary of Saigon to Phnom Penh Cruises are the best choices. For longer trip, the itinerary of Saigon to Siem Reap Cruises are proper for those who plan a cruise lasting at least 7 nights.

For more than 7 nights, you can check some options of best Mekong cruises here:

2. Plan your cruise at least 6 months in advance

This helps you to find your best Mekong river cruises better, you will have more options to choose as well as their availability at the best price. When you plan long time in advance, in the period until departure, if there is any promotion, it may also be added in your booking. So, why not planning your Mekong river cruises today?

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