Top 7 Best Lakes in Vietnam

Vietnam always lures visitors’ soul by the sublime beauty of nature, especially the breathtaking lakes stretching along all regions of this pretty nation. Let’s discover top 7 best lakes in Vietnam!

1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake or Sword Lake is a famous destination, located in the center of Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam nowadays. Legend has it that Emperor Le Loi found a sword in the movement against the invasion of Ming army (1417 – 1883). Thanks to the holy power of the sword, Le Loi’s army has a glorious victory and gain the independence for Vietnam people. One day, the emperor wanders with his court in the dragon ship on Ta Vong Lake. Suddenly, a golden turtle comes to the surface. He said that it is the precious sword of dragon king. When the nation is peaceful, the god of sea wants to ask for the holy sword. After receiving the sword from the emperor, the turtle disappears. From that time, Ta Vong Lake is called as Sword Lake.

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2. West Lake

West Lake is also a must-see destination, located in Hanoi. It was considered as one of the strategic places of the ancient capital of Vietnam. The surrounding of the lake used to be the center of Buddhist structures such as Tran Quoc pagoda. With a perimeter of about 18km, it is an ideal place for us to take a stroll to behold the attractive sunset in this place. 

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3. Ba Be Lake

Located in Bac Kan, Ba Be was recognized as one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. Ba Be in the Vietnamese language means three lakes. Visiting this beautiful place, tourists can have a unique feeling that you are difficult to find at any other places. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountains and lush tropical forests, which make people more harmonious with nature. 

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4. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake is recognized as the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, which is situated in Yen Bai. It is not only the main source of Thac Ba hydropower plants but also well-known as a picturesque picture in the Southern Vietnam. There are more than 1,300 islands in a variety of sizes and features that you can freely discover. Along with the wild beauty of pretty islands, a system of caves in Thac Ba Lake certainly offers a brand new experience the miraculous beauty of Vietnam’s nature. 

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5. Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is far 10km from the center of Da Lat with an area of 350 hectares. Like other tourist attraction in Da Lat, Tuyen Lam Lake lures visitors’ soul by romantic beauty. There are many kinds of terrain that tourists can enjoy different outdoor activities such as sightseeing, climbing, camping, and other healthy activities. It is likely that the scenery of lake is extremely breathtaking. It seems that Tuyen Lam Lake is a perfect masterpiece of nature: the endless space of pine trees around combining with the crystal water and dim layers of smog covering in every corner of forests. 

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6. Bien Ho

Located in Gia Lai- an area of the Highland in Vietnam, Bien Ho offers a taste of complete comfort for visitors. The atmosphere is always cool although Vietnam is in summer. Standing at the lakeside, you can feel breezing winds flowing through every inch of skin, the colorful space of wild flowers, and the tranquility of nature.

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7. Yen Phu Lake

Yen Phu Lake becomes one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam when it was chosen as a setting for the film “Skull Island” – a Hollywood produced by the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The landscape around Yen Phu Lake is really enchanting with giant limestone mountains, vast space of grass and tropical forests and serene water surface. 

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