Top 5 Best Mountains in Vietnam

Mountains in Vietnam are one of the most favorite choices of visitors during their long trips. Despite of average altitude in the world, those mountains hide inspirable landscape and many other unique features that differentiate with other ones. So what is the interesting thing you can discover about mountains? Join us.

1. Fansipan 

Located in Lao Cai, Fansipan is well-known as the roof of Indochinese peninsula with 3.143 meters above sea level. It belongs to stunning Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The mountain has a name which translates to “giant stone plate” in local language. According to scientists, it was formed until about 100,000 millions of years ago, which has a high level of biodiversity. 

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The most suitable time for taking a visit to the mountain is from September to March in the following year. Especially, you can witness the sublime landscapes of Fansipan in February when forests of mountainous flowers starts to bloom.

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2. Langbiang 

Situated in Lam Dong, Langbiang is listed as one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam. Not only famous for romantic beauty of pine trees and colorful flowers, the mountain also associated with a touchy love story of K’ho people, an ethnic minority in Vietnam. The boy’s name is K’Lang and the girl’s name is Howiang. In accident, the boy saves girl from fierce wolves in the jungle and they falls in love after that. However, this love is forbidden by girl’s father due to long standing conflicts between two villages where the couple lives. They escape to a high mountain to live their own life. But the destiny doesn’t allow them to have fully happy life. Howbiang perishes due to a toxic arrow of his K’Lang’s villagers and then, K’Lang also passes away due to extreme sadness. For the honor of their loyal love, the mountain where they live, named after the couple. And this mountain is Langbiang as the present time. 

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3. Ham Rong Mountain 

Ham Rong mountain is renowned as the most sublime scenic spot in Sapa. It rises 1.800 meters above sea level. The destination is a wonderful place for watching beautiful gardens with special flowers of temperate zones such as orchids and peach blossoms.

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There are 3 ideal spots for sightseeing in Ham Rong Mountain. The first one is orchard garden 1 where you can behold Sapa ancient church hiding under the old trees’ shading. The second one is Sapa telecommunication station where you can gaze out Fansipan mountain – the highest one in the Indochinese peninsula. And the final one is cloud yard where you can have an impressive panorama of Sapa town below the mountain’s foot.

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4. Bach Ma mountain range

The mountain is one of the top choices of trekkers because of its breathtaking beauty. Taking on the path for conquering Bach Ma mountain range, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy its stunning landscapes and catch many rare species listed in Vietnam Red Book. For its romantic scenery, French built magnificent mansions for their laid-back in 20th century.

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5. Ngu Hanh Son 

It is a complex of 5 mountains, including Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho. Those names are based on 5 factors of Ngu Hanh – important elements of Eastern philosophy. Each mountain offers the feeling of tranquility and purity. Hiding under lush trees’ shading, the ancient pagoda was erected many centuries ago, which brings unique experience about Vietnamese Buddhist culture for a long time.

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From the peaks of Ngu Hanh Son, you will have a sublime overview of Non Nuoc beach. This site is extremely suitable for water sports and it also used to be the destination for international surfing in the past time.

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