Things To Do in Hue

Top 9 Things To Do in Hue

In Nguyen Dynasty, Hue was chosen to be the capital of Vietnam because of its natural beauty and perfect location. It was not only the political but also the religious and culture centre for 143 years ( 1802-1945).

Situated on the banks of Perfume River, Hue is a home to a series of imperial tombs, ancient temple and the royal palace. Although many historic sites were destroyed in the Vietnam war, Hue still becomes one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Vietnam. Let follow us to explore 9 things to do in Hue.

Contemplate Ancient Architecture

Thien Mu pagoda

Being one of the oldest and pretties pagodas in Hue, Thien Mu pagoda has the unique features among all the Buddhist architectures in Vietnam. In 1904, a disastrous storm damaged some part of the pagoda. However, it still retains valuable antiques such as Ho Phap, Thap Vuong, Di Lac buddha. The notable statues of the pagoda are three Buddhas symbolizing past, present, future which are also well-reserved. After enjoying the historical relics, spend your time walking around the garden in a peaceful atmosphere with flowers and bonsai trees.

Continue your journey in the Imperial Citadel – Vietnam’s seven Heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Visiting this place, you will know how the emperors lived and ruled their kingdoms.

Imperial Citadel in Hue

The Imperial Citadel was built to protect the royal family. So, the walls were made from heavy stones which created the solid construction. The complex of Hue monuments includes the Imperial Residence, the Hoang Thanh (Imperial City), the Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Purple City) and related royal palaces.

If you visit the Citadel from April 17 to May 2, you will have a great chance to join in the Royal Night. The artistic program focuses on performing Nha Nhac ( Vietnamese court music), folk games and Hue royal cuisine introductions.

In addition, the magnificent architecture of the Imperial tombs in Hue is also worth visiting. There are 7 Imperial tombs, each has its own impressive structure and glorious history. But we suggest you should visit Minh Mang and Khai Dinh tombs because the great kings who own these tombs invested a huge grand of money for resting place after death. So, their tombs are spectacular work of arts that will make you stay a while to admire the beauty of these places.

Minh Mang's tomb in An Bang village

Khai Dinh's Tomb

Ride a Bike Through Thuy Bieu Eco-village

Thuy Bieu Eco – Village is a harmonious combination of the Hue’s poetic scenery and peaceful tranquil atmosphere of a typical village in Vietnam. The village attracts tourist by the stunning green space pomelo garden. Each season, the garden has its own distinctive beauty. In spring, Thanh Tra pomelo gardens are filled with aromatic white flowers. In summer, the white color of pomelo flowers is replaced by the green color of young pomelo. When autumn comes, the ripe pomelos are ready for harvest by the locals. And the garden becomes more silent to accumulate nutrients for the next genes in winter.

If you are looking for an interesting way to explore the village, riding a bike is perhaps one of the best options for you. It will bring you a nice time to immerse in nature and make friends with hospitable people in the area.

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Ride a Bike Through Thuy Bieu Eco-village

Stop by Phuoc Tich Ancient Village

Apart from the ancient village of Duong Lam ( Son Tay district, Hanoi), the ancient village of Phuoc Tich was also recognized as the second national relic in 2009. The first stop in the village is 700 year – old temple called Cay Thi. The temple represents the harmonious Vietnam and Cham architecture with linga and yoni relics. Furthermore, there are 37 out of 117 houses in the village are between 100 and 200 years old. But the thing really makes a strong impression on visitors is the pottery products which are solid, sleek and sophisticated. They are decorated with the simple details of beautiful scenery such as a winding river, huge old trees and a little town with a bright blue sky.

Phuoc Tich Ancient Village

Relish Local Cuisine

Coming to Hue, you will have a great chance to try incredible cuisines which were exclusively served to emperors and royal families in the past. Today, Hue food is more popular, you can easily find many royal dishes in the local restaurants, roadside stores and high-end resorts. Some of the best items of food that you should taste including Beef noodle soup, lemongrass skewers, Vietnamese crepe and tapioca dumplings.

Bun Bo Hue

Vietnamese Tapioca Dumplings

Take a Cyclo Tour

Take a cyclo tour in Hue is an authentic way to discover the hidden charms of the ancient capital. You can start your cyclo trip by crossing Trang Tien Bridge to admire the poetic beauty of Perfume river. Then either ride around Dong Ba market to enjoy the vivid atmosphere or the Citadel surrounding areas to admire the impressive architecture. While sitting on the cyclo, you can see all of the activities on the street and observe the old houses where local people have lived for generations. Everything just happens around you and it makes you feel that you are a part of it.

Take a Cyclo Tour

Stroll Around Bach Ma National Park

Situated in the Annamite Range near Hue city, Bach Ma National Park is an old French Hill station which has 40,000 hectares over the districts of Phu Loc, Nam Dong. In the national park, you will see 132 kinds of mammals, more than 1400 species of plants including rare ferns and orchids, etc. In addition, you can camp, trek, hiking or simply walking through the jungle to discover the beauty of Bach Ma’s flora and fauna. And when you get to the top of the mountain, you can see the stunning scenery of Hue, Lang Co beach, and many other amazing things.

Bach Ma National Park

The wonderful time to stroll around Bach Ma National Park is February. It is the time when famous red Rhododendron simsii blossom along small streams, especially in the Rhododendron waterfall area. At that time, the weather is cool with favorable temperatures.

Trek in A Roang – A Luoi

Leaving Hue’s city centre, you can transfer to in A Luoi town to explore Hamburger hill – a historical witness of Vietnam war and visit Aka Chu village – a home to Ta Oi ethnic minority. Trek in A Roang – A Luoi will bring you a great opportunity to know more about the ethnic life, culture and get deeper interaction with the local in a homestay.

A Roang – A Luoi

Take a Cruise in Perfume River

An excursion to Hue wouldn’t be complete without a boat trip on the Perfume River. As its name suggests, many petals fall into it which bring the aroma for the river. Boating along the river, you will have a great time to pass by the impressive ancient places such as the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu pagoda, and the Emperors’ Tombs.

Take a Cruise in Perfume River

Visit Hue Traditional Villages

Although there are many traditional villages in Hue, Sinh Folk Painting Village and Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village are highly appreciate with cultural products which had more than 400 years old. Originally, the cultural products of Sinh village used to worship ancient Vietnamese philosophies in the face of mysterious and holy nature. Now, they are more various and show aspects of normal life such as families, jobs, landscapes, etc.

Sinh Folk Painting Village

Thanh Tien is a small village located near Perfume River. It is famous for its traditional craft with making paper flowers which are prepared for Tet Holiday decorations. The most beautiful of paper flowers includes lotus, orchid, and chrysanthemums. Here, you can see how these delicate productions are made and find out their role in traditional Vietnamese culture.

Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village

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